WARNING: INCOMING RANT; Does Length Really Matter?

I've seen quite a few reviews of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Many of these complain at the length of the game being between 10-15 hours. Though many people who played the game are fans of the show, they feel that $60 is bit steep for such a "short" experience. I do see a bit of the logic behind this, however I don't feel it is entirely justified. Playing that game was one of the better experiences that I have had with a game in recent memory.

The RPG genre is more or less expected to clock in at around 50 hours or more in some cases. Many people don't have the time to put in that amount of effort into a game. That aside, I think that gamers are expecting far too much from the length of games these days.

Titles like Bethesda's wildly popular Elder Scrolls and Fallout series have HUNDREDS of hours of content. These, much like the PlayStation 2 in terms of backwards compatibility, have spoiled gamers into thinking that a $60 price tag requires 100+ hours of content to be considered "worth it".

I played The Walking Dead Survival Instinct and I didn't think the game was as terrible as most did. I didn't feel that the games QUALITY justified it's $50 price tag. I've paid $6 for games on Android and received an experience that was well worth the price and I've also paid $30 for the entirety of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead and paid for the game twice because I was transferring platforms and felt that they were damn near giving the game away for that price based upon the experience I had while playing it.

I don't necessarily think that length alone makes a game good. I don't care for Bethesda games but I can't argue the quality of the experience that many others have had. Whether or not a game is "worth it" will vary by the individual playing it but judging a game as poor simply because it isn't over 100 hours long is erroneous.

I'd much rather pay $10 for a 5 hour game and be engaged and loving the experience of playing it rather than have a $60 game be 100 hours long and quit a quarter of the way through because the game is boring and a chore to get through. RANT OVER