WARNING: INCOMING RANT; Capcom Hates You; Breath of Fire VI to be an Online Mobile Game

Further proof that Capcom wants absolutely noone to like them at all, a new Breath of Fire game was announced today.

"Why would you say that?" You ask me. "Breath of Fire is amazing, Dragon Quarter notwithstanding.”

"Well," I would reply. "It’s an online mobile game. This means that the game will more than likely be riddled with microtransaction bullshit and be a further deviation from form."

"Oh…" You would hang your head and dejectedly reply. "Well, guess I’m gonna go cry in the corner now…"

As if Capcom needed anymore bad press.

However, this is indicative of a larger problem in the industry as a whole, as I also read today that Square-Enix is taking a similar approach to “exploring new business models”.

The big AAA budgets are becoming unsustainable. Mobile games are becoming popular. They aren’t drawing in new fans, so they want to figure out ways to extort as much money from the people who are still buying AAA titles as possible.

Online passes, “season passes”, microtransactions and the like are cries of an industry desperate to stay afloat. (Y’know, because it isn’t an issue of not having quality titles or anything…)

Back to Capcom specifically, they are supposedly learning from their mistakes, and also announced that Breath of Fire II would get a port…

To the WiiU

A system almost noone owns

God. Damn. It.

(Archived rant, original post from Tumblr on August 2nd, 2013)