WARNING: INCOMING RANT; A Season Pass is NOT an Expansion Pack

So I went to GameStop today to pay off the remainder of my reservation on the upcoming PlayStation 3 title The Last of Us. When I was there a manager who I’ve dealt with for many years happened to be filling in and asked me if I was going to buy the season pass with the game and I told him no. Season passes are bullshit and I don’t subscribe to them.

He replied by asking me if I bought Diablo II back in the day. This game came out on June 27th, 2000. I said no but my father had. He followed that question by asking if he bought Lord of Destruction, the expansion pack. Keep in mind this came out of a full year after Diablo II’s inital release. (Note the amount of time. A FULL YEAR) I replied yes he did. He then said to think of a season pass like an expansion pack. You’re basically paying for the expansion in advance.

He went on to ramble about how you’ll get access to day one DLC, and perks like faster reload speeds and faster healing times. I really wasn’t listening because I was too incensed at his gall to suggest that paying for day one DLC and a couple of extra perks was the equivalent of buying an expansion pack regardless of whether or not I got all of the games DLC to follow.

I likened most DLC in the past to being like an expansion pack. Small missions and things that you would pay for over time to extend the length of a game that you’re already enjoying. Games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Borderlands, and Fallout greatly benefited from these DLC packs.

None of these DLC packs were essential, but definitely lengthened the experience and fun I had with already great games that could stand out on their own.

None of these games gave me the option of paying extra for something that should have been included in the initial release.

If the game has day one DLC, or the even greater evil on-disc DLC, I believe it should be included in the game. You’re essentially selling me an incomplete product just so you can charge me 10 to 15 bucks extra so I can enjoy the full experience.

It used to be my belief that people that bitched about day one DLC were part of the entitled gaming crowd crying that they weren’t getting something that they felt they deserved, just because they decided to buy the product.

I used to say “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it”. I normally buy Ultimate Awesome Collector’s editions anyhow, so it’s usually included with those types of packages anyway.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no Ultimate Awesome Collector’s edition for The Last of Us. Which makes the fact that I have the option to buy a season pass that much more infuriating.

Granted it’s a new IP, most new IP’s don’t have Ultimate Collector’s editions to start. However, I do believe that since he mentioned day one DLC that I am essentially paying 65 dollars after tax for an incomplete experience.

I never used to understand people who complained about this kind of thing, but with each passing day and it’s seeming more and more like publishers & manufacturers of game consoles want to rip us off and bleed us dry of our money.

I never understood a fellow tech nerd co-worker of mine who wouldn’t buy Mass Effect 3 being a PC gamer because he had to subscribe to Origin to do so.

I never thought I would see the day that I would be boycotting a console or boycotting gaming practices or even content based on the fact that I felt that it was morally wrong.

Game industry, you have pushed me to this point. As much as many gaming publications have been throwing perfect 10s at The Last of Us like roses to a bullfighter, I don’t believe that I will be purchasing any of the DLC for The Last of Us.

Slowly but surely gaming industry, whether somebody adopts this practice a little late in the game like I have, or have been doing it since before Mass Effect 3, you’re slowly alienating your fanbase to the point where you’ll be without our money

And what will you do when that day comes?

(Archived rant, original post from Tumblr on June 8th, 2013)