Translucid #1 a review

Translucid_01_WonderconCVR Translucid is the latest effort from husband/wife team Claudio Sanchez and Chandra Echert for Boom comics. Taking place from the perspective of supervillian "the Horse" who is freshly out of prison and seeking to flush his nemesis "the navigator" out of hiding by enlisting the help of a trio of lesser villains to manufacture a threat big enough to where there is no other choice but to reappear. Inter-cut within the main story are scenes of a boy in his room creating designs for a costume, leading us to believe that he is one of the two main superheros as a kid, who it ends up being I am excited to find out. Without getting too far into spoilers, I will say that by the end of the first issue things are definitely not settled, which is a good thing. One requirement of being the first issue of a six part story is that it is important to hook your reader and make it to where your reader is counting the seconds until they can read issue two. With the rich world that is introduced in this issue, it gets the job done.

Aside from the brilliant story, the art by Daniel Bayliss is so far from the usual mainstream comic book art that I would go back and forth looking at the previous panel absorbing every color and line and every detail on the page. The greatest compliment I can give, when it comes to the art, is that every single character that graces the page is unique and there is not a single muscle-bound person to be found. There is a point in the last quarter of the issue when something happens that makes everything explode into a jaw-droppingly beautiful display of color.


The question asked by the premise of this book is what is a villain without a foil to keep them in check. That is why so much time is spent on how important the Navigator is to the Horse. I am looking forward to finding more about their history and maybe show some of their previous fights. In the lead up to the release, in interviews, there was talk of the Batman/Joker relationship which is something that was fairly evident from the feel of the story which is not a bad thing in the least. I will say that it passed a big test for me by keeping me surprised and wanting by the last page and desperate to find out more.