Totentanz, Chapter I

toten p01 parkOne, two, and I'm coming for you...

She watched the couple walking along the edge of the park. At this hour, traffic was practically non-existent, leaving her to hunt in peace.

Well, as peaceful as she could be, all things considered.

A maniacal giggle escaped her lips as she dropped from her tree branch perch. Like a ghost, she leapt into the shadows of another tree, giggling at the tingling sensation in her hands as she began to climb. From her new perch, she could hear their conversation; the girl was very intoxicated, blabbering about anything she could think about. Her male companion just nodded in agreement and kept telling her that he would get her home.

"Aww, what a sweetheart," their stalker whispered, frowning despite the fact that nobody could see it under her mask, which was of her own design; a typical white theater mask with a Cheshire grin plastered over the mouth and cheeks, and glowing red lights turned the eyes from blank black spots to bright splotches of red. Their stalker thought back on her life and realized had never been treated that way by a man, or really anybody.

However, he was not escorting her properly, she noted. The drunken girl was closer to the road, standing on the man's left. On top of that, her overly large breasts were about half a centimeter from falling out of her cheap corset.

"Floozy," the tree-dweller hissed, reaching for the sword at her back. The Chinese broadsword, or dao, hand-crafted for her had two large, fang-shaped protrusions on the dull side, which she had personally sharpened to be as dangerousĀ as razors.

Using the fangs as a sort of climbing pick, she began to jump from tree to tree. Climbing up was easy; between her hands being able to cling to literally any surface and her blade keeping her from touching the ground, she made her way forward. Once she had caught up to the couple, she dropped from her perch, now laughing like she had lost her mind.

Well, in her defense, she had lost it. A while ago.

As the couple turned to face the masked girl, she readied her blade to strike, slicing the man's knees wide open. As he collapsed, screaming in pain, his female companion began to scream in fear of this sword-wielding psychopath. This only set the attacker into ecstasy, and she laughed, louder and louder, as she turned to the woman.

She found herself quickly growing tired of this worm's high-pitched wailing, and figured it would stop grating on her ears if she silenced it quickly. In a flash of steel, she decapitated the drunken woman, kicking the body square in the chest so that her head would topple and roll as her body was hurled backward. Then she took the fanged edge of the blade to the body, punching two holes just below the right collarbone.

She smiled under the mask, thinking about the last things the man would see; the disembodied head of his woman, rolling away into the distance, and the smiling mask with the glowing red eyes she began to cut his body apart, starting with the feet and working her way up until the shock and pain caused him to faint.