The Drakkarium Presents WARNING: INCOMING RANT

The Week in for November 9th - 16th Just in case you didn't hear, THE PLAYSTATION 4 LAUNCHED THIS WEEK!!! OMG!!!

Unfortunately it wasn't without it's share of issues. This week in gaming news will be largely dedicated to news surrounding the PS4 with a bit of other interesting tidbits I've gathered over the week.

PlayStation 4 News

  • Lead Architect of the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny, explains the how and why of "caching" on the PlayStation 4. They can put whatever spin they want on it, it's an install. (via Kotaku)
  • Sony has updated their Terms of Service agreements with the release of the PlayStation 4. It contains some interesting wording that implies that they own what you play, not you. From the article:

"'Your use of PSN and our community features may be recorded and collected by us or sent to us by other users as described in 13.1. Any information collected in this way, for example, your UGM, the content of your voice and text communications, video of your gameplay, the time and location of your activities, and your name, your PSN Online ID and IP address, may be used by us or our affiliated companies to enforce these Terms and the SEN Terms of Service, to comply with the law, to protect our rights and those of our licensors and users, and to protect the personal safety of our employees and users.This information may be passed to the police or other appropriate authorities. By accepting these Software Usage Terms, you expressly consent to this.'

Elsewhere in the document, it's explained that any Software you use is 'licensed, not sold, which means you acquire rights to use the Software, as described in these Terms, but you do not acquire ownership of the Software.'

With regards to Software resale, it continues 'You must not resell either Disc-based Software or Software Downloads, unless expressly authorised by us and, if the publisher is another company, additionally by the publisher.'"

It sounds a bit sketch to me. It may very well be PR speak to enable Sony to nail you if you're caught pirating software since Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide President, stated on Twitter that you could still sell your PS4 discs.

Still, the wording itself does not sound like a good thing. (via IGN)

  • You can now buy games available on PlayStation Network from Amazon. So that's pretty cool. (via Destructoid)
  • The Playstation App is now available for iOS and Android in North America. I downloaded it, but it really is an accompaniment for the PS4. (via Twitter from Shuhei Yoshida)
  • Public outcry wins again as it is reported that the PlayStation 4 will be getting mp3 and DLNA support in the future. For all the talk they did about listening to gamers, it doesn't seem like they knew that this was the reason many people adopted PS3s. (via Destructoid)
  • And to end on an unfortunate sour note, it seems a number of PS4 have been affected with what people are starting to call the "Blue Pulse of Death". Much like the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death, a (at time of writing) small number of PS4s are showing a pulsing blue light and not booting. Aside from long wait times, it seems that many people that have contacted Sony's customer service are being sent defective return boxes and will be shipped new units.

It was reported earlier this week that the expected failure rate was 0.2% but that figure was raised to 0.4% later in the week. As of time of writing, Sony has not made an official statement. (via Kotaku)

In Other News


Hideo Kojima has said that he has wanted to release Metal Gear Solid V for a long time, dating back as far as on the PSP after Peace Walker. Due to development delays in Metal Gear Rising, and other setbacks, he decided to go with a Next-Gen release. He stated that he would love to release Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain all at once, but due to "what the fans want" he is releasing the prologue early so people get the experience.

This reads that the game has taken longer than the team thought it was going to to develop and they want to recoup some of the astronomical cost early, so they are releasing a $30 ($20 digital) chapter of the game before the game comes out. It's a glorified demo.

I love Kojima-san as much as any other Metal Gear fan and I know he genuinely loves his fans, but this prologue chapter reeks of "we are running out of money" to me. The Kojima Productions team built a spiffy new engine from the ground up and they sure as hell don't want to see all that time and money go to waste. It's pretty, I'll give it that. However, true gamers care about the experience related to the games they play.

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead was one of the most emotional and personal experiences I've ever had with a game. It didn't need realistic rain to achieve that. Hell, one of the games I had the most fun with in recent memory was Evoland!

 Mere days since the announcement of Warlords of Draenor, it has come out that Blizzard is already working onWorld of Warcraft's sixth expansion.

And why wouldn't they? Their subscription numbers are the lowest they've seen in years! In Mike Morhaime's damning (in my eyes) interview he stated that they see a big spike with expansions, then as content dries up it tapers off.

No shit. Gamers get bored quickly, especially with something as repetitive as an MMO. Hearing that the sixth expansion for the MMO juggernaut is in the works smacks of desperation. They know that they are fast losing their crown as the King of MMOs and releasing two huge chunks of paid content rather than patching in small bits of content here and there for nothing more than the mere subscription rate are likely to see a large return for the falling MMO.

I can't say it doesn't make business sense, but I don't see this keeping subscribers around. WoW may have run it's course and Blizzard, though they are working on other projects, may need to find a new cash cow.