Steam Takes a Leap!

Announced today, Steam is adding a new product to their ranks.  Steam OS!  A standalone operating system based off of the Steam architecture.  Taking one step closer to the Steam Box, but turning what hardware we already have, into that Steam Box.  This excites me because when I saw the price points being predicted for the Steam Box's, I wasn't inclined to give up my computer for it.  They wanted around what I paid to build my computer, for a system that could already do what my computer can do.

The thought of dual booting Steam and Windows is actually a neat prospect for me.  If I am turning my computer on just to play a steam game, booting directly into the Steam Operating System would be a lot cooler than running through windows.  Especially when this OS would be directly tuned for gaming, instead of Windows, which has too many focuses while running.  Having a game be 100% priority with the components of the computer, the performance potential is just plain exciting.

We will cover this more in depth soon, once we learn more, and I want to enlist the mind of a writer other than myself to cover it, but I wanted to give a few thoughts on it now, to open our community to thought about this newest development.  Question of the Day to our followers; what do you think of this newest announcement from Steam?