Spoiler Movie Rant - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  Page2I sat out three hours beforehand on opening night to see this film at the premiere to get the best seat. It is safe to say that I am a fan of Spider-Man.

Let's kick off this SPOILER filled review by saying that I was on the fence about whether Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. Now I have made up my mind. Thanks Amazing Spider-Man 2 for doing that.

Nightcrawler has decidedly taken his place.

Some of you will love this movie for its in the face action, beautifully choreographed fight sequences and fantastic chemistry between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, played by the ever charming Emma Stone. Some of you will also probably love to overlook the countless flaws this film has. I am not one of those people.

I will however give credit where credit is due. The action sequences are excellently shot and give us a full look into the capabilities of Spider-Man with his witty personality. Furthermore, as I said before, the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone is excellent and bring a warm spark onto the screen, which is needed.

That being said. . .

Oh, my goodness this film could have been a heck of a lot better! Filled with countless subplots, extreme tonal shifts, and over the top dialogue that beg the question, “WHY?!”, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a wreck.

I have never done this before, but I need to form a series of questions towards everyone involved making the film.

Why did you feel the need to fill this film with countless subplots which, in the end, have little to no significance? Want more specifics? OK, I'll give them to you.

-The storyline with Peter Parker's parents was cool, but in the end was completely unnecessary, and filled up valuable screen time only to more or less tell us that Oscorp is bad. Yeah, we already knew that going in. So why was it there?

-For no other purpose than to lead into the next film, did we really need two villains? Two origin stories on top of an overarching story is too much. I can understand having two villains if one has already had a developed character arc in a previous film, but two leaves everyone with not enough screen time and a frantically rushed pace to squeeze everything together in the end. This of course leaves tons of holes which I'll get into later.

- Why did we need to have Harry losing Oscorp in the first place? It took away from precious screen time and filled that time with characters who were totally unnecessary. One could argue that it was part of the villain arc, but no. You could have just had him acquire Electro to get Spider-Man's blood. Or better yet, had Spider-Man reluctantly give him his blood only to regret his decision later. This would have added emotional depth, something which the film could have used desperately.

- Did we need the subplot of the two planes about to crash into each other? Well, maybe it was just to show that Gwen can be useful, and for her death to have a little meaning. Either way, it felt incredibly forced and subtracted from the main attention of the fight between Electro and Spider-Man.

-Why was the end scene with Rhino? I know we want some form of clarity at the end, but to have that scene completely screwed up the tone for the end of the film. It also, without a doubt, was completely stupid on multiple levels, and lacked all form of logical coherence. Why was the mom not rushing to her child? Why was the kid even doing that in the first place? Are we really supposed to believe that the crowd would be that close and not running away with fear from a mec-armoured creature tearing the city apart? Who in their right mind would believe that Rhino would let Spider-Man talk to the kid for a pointless few moments without shooting at them? And why the heck is Paul Giamatti acting a character so horrendous and offensive in the first place?

-Why were so many of the characters completely over the top for that matter? To name a few there is Rhino, Max, The German Doctor, Green Goblin (at points). . . Heck, I'll even throw in Peter Parker/Spider-Man (at points).

-Why did the film feel so jumbled and thrown together without a second thought to the pacing, direction and tone?

-Are we supposed to believe that, by no other reason than to move a pointless subplot along, Peter throwing a calculator (or something along those lines) against the wall in anger would account for him miraculously finding the subway coins?

-And are we supposed to believe that he conveniently would figure out where to place those coins? I know Peter Parker is smart, but he's not Batman when it comes to being a detective.

-Why did the prison break scene have to be completely implausible? Really, you are going to have one untrained kid break into a high security prison all by himself? Yep, apparently so. . .

-Why does Electro all of the sudden develop the ability to teleport?

-Was one over the top power, including flight for no apparent reason, not enough? I don't remember Electro in the comics ever having teleportation power and besides it defies any explanation and takes a turn for the absolute absurd.

-Why is Electro acquiring a cool suit out of nowhere not explained?

-How does the suit disappear, then reappear out of nowhere?

-Did Electro all of the sudden turn into Mystique? With the end credit scene that is a possibility. . .It would explain a lot. . .Sorry, that was too funny not to say.

-Who chose half the music? OK, Hans Zimmer did. Why did he choose that music?

Even the bright points of this film are polluted by nonsense. The beautiful fight scenes are almost too glossy and are filled with a villain whose powers defy any form of reason. The touching scene between Peter and Aunt May is beautiful and heartwarming, but even then, it comes out of nowhere, thrown in amateurishly together with even more unnecessary tonal shits. Then there is the relationship between Gwen and Peter. How beautiful it is...if it weren't in the midst of middle school type romance of on again and off again melodrama. I can understand one time breaking up from last film and maybe one more conflict in this film, but really, did we need all that? I know a little tension is needed in a relationship, but that could have been added through the internal conflicts Peter is having in his life and trying to relate that to Gwen. It's just a thought. Then there is the entire death sequence and aftermath. That is filmed really well and I was immersed into the sorrow only to be pulled aggressively out of that into loony town with the Rhino sequence.

I could write more, but I am getting tired of being tired of the film.

Nevertheless, with all my complaints, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still better than Spider-Man 3. Where is the “That Was Easy” button?

My Personal Preference: 2/5

How well it was made: 2/5