Signed c: The Missing review

Signed Cover Signed c: The Missing is a new fantasy series by the team of Mark C Frankel and Joshua A. Jones with pencils and inks by Wayne Brown, colors by Martin Silva, and, lastly, the most important part of a comic, the lettering and logo by Cary Kelley. Taking place in New York City we are introduced to our gorgeous protagonist sitting at a cafe enjoying a coffee and absentmindedly trying to reach her new client but getting no response and we are off to the races. In a scene reminiscent of fables she arrives at the clients house and finds quite literally a bloody mess. Finding little positive sign of her she decides to try looking in the world of the Olympus where she has some favors she can call in with her search. After Signed page 01searching high and low she finds out she is out of luck despite asking everyone she could find. At the end of the issue we are left wondering who has really taken her.


Now for the nitty gritty of the book, the writing, by Mark Frankel and Joshua Jones. As I brought up earlier there is a very fable-like feel to the story. It's a murder mystery set in a fantastical world of myth and magic clashing with the real world with a much bigger overarching theme to the narrative that will leave you guessing where things are going next. The Writing duties are split beautifully between Mark and Joshua to where it is impossible to tell where one stops and the other one begins. The art, by Wayne Brown, shows an amazing grasp how to frame a story in the best way to truly move the story along without spoiling the slowly unraveling twists and turns before their proper time has come. Color duties are handled masterfully by Martin Silva with almost a watercolor look that draws the eyes down to the page and never lets them go as they fly from panel to panel. I loved the logo that Cary Kelly designed for the cover and it helps to set the tone for the entire series, but it wouldn't be a comic without amazing lettering, which he more than delivers on.


While it is farSigned 2 Front Cover from a perfect issue, it was a surprise just how far I was able to get into the story and how much of an unanswered journey it took me on. The fact that I was kept guessing was a great sign of things to come. That is, if it is allowed to get there,

That is where the Kickstarter for issue two comes in. Based entirely on the previews I have seen for the next issue, there seems to be a gigantic leap forward present for the story, and that is why I want to see what happens next. That is why I am putting my money where my mouth is, and have pledged on the site and I am encouraging everyone else to, especially if you value seeing the little guy succeed.

Don't forget to check out their website at  or and is the link for the kickstarter.