Reconciliation: A Gaming Short Story About Love by Merlot Williams

I walk into the coffee shop. I walk up to the counter and order my strawberry lemonade with Red Bull. I go and sit in the farthest corner booth, awaiting her arrival.

We haven’t really spoken in quite some time. About four years I believe. I am anxious, nervous, excited. All of these feelings. I just…I have no idea what to expect.

I’m 10 minutes early. But as time passes, I’m concerned that she won’t show up at all. At 7:41, she shows up.

I can’t believe the sight. She looks very plain but, but I can tell that something about her is very different. She wasn’t like she was 4 years ago.

I nervously glance down to my cell phone, side glancing at her away from the phone. After a couple minutes I look up an act surprised to see her.

I rush up to her and give her a big hug. “Wow you’re looking great!” I say to her. She she sheepishly smiles back and says, “Thanks. You too.” I asked her if she’d like any coffee. She politely declines. “Oh, okay. Let’s grab a seat and talk.” I reply.

We go back to my corner booth and it is about as uncomfortable as you can get. However she gets right to the point. “So how are things with you and Xbox?” I looked out the window knowing that I was wrong for what I’d done. “Not well…” I replied.

“Really?” she responded, her eyes lighting up a little bit. I could tell that she was trying to hide her emotions though. I sigh and reply, “Yeah really. She’s just… she’s changed…”

She looks hurt at this response. At the same time I can tell that a semi-maniacal smile is breaking through. “Changed huh? You said the same thing about me four years ago.”

“PlayStation, that was different. You and I both know that. You really were losing your way at that point. I’m admitting to you now that I was wrong four years ago. Yeah, Xbox’s online infrastructure was good, and she was the hot new thing.

But now, she’s just become a gold digger. The spark in the relationship is gone. I can tell that she just wants me for my money, and I really don’t have the pocketbook for that. She’s really trying to flaunt her wares to everyone too, and it really bugs me. All these gimmicks and tricks that nobody really cares about.

But I hear through the wire that that you made quite a bit of changes yourself. It’s almost like you found your identity. You stopped trying to be the Wii with it’s waggle controls. You took Xbox Live’s model and made it your own. It’s almost like you remember where you were 6 years ago and now you’re looking to improve on that model.

I remember now why I loved you in the first place. No DRM, you’re not going to restrict my ownership of what I use my money to purchase, you’re letting independent developers self publish on your service, and you got more hot new titles then you know what to do with.

I feel like I threw away a sure thing on a gamble.”

I see tears welling up in her eyes. “You really mean it?” she asked me.

“Yes sweetie, I really do. I mean it with all my heart. I’m going through some changes in my life too and I am sorry for leaving you four years ago for Xbox. I admit that I was wrong and I’m sorry. I’m asking you now for your forgiveness. Do you forgive me?”

She smiles that beautiful smile I remember spending 5 years with before my mistaken fore with the Xbox. “Yes, yes I do.”

“So what do you say we give us another shot?” I ask her anxiously.

“I waited four long years for you to come to your senses and ask me that.” She comes and sits on my side of the booth and gives me a big hug. She snuggles in close to me.

I put my arm around her and kiss her gently. “What do you say we do it right this time PlayStation?”

“I’d love that!” she says. “So you want to head back to my place?” I ask her.

“Hell yeah!” She excitedly stands up, grabs my hand and pulls me towards the door.

Looks like we’ve got a lot of fun hours ahead of us.