An Ode to the Chocobo; The Best Chocobo Themes

Since we got a full rant last time around, I figured we would jump back into fun with another fore into video game theme music. My wife had said I was remiss in not including the chocobo theme from Final Fantasy in my iconic themes piece, so I promised her that I would do a travel themes issue and include the theme. While doing research for that, I realized that over the years the chocobo themes themselves have had many iterations and many different styles and feels to them. In realizing this, I decided to dedicate an article to the big ol' horse chickens and to her. This one is for you my love! Here are my favorite chocobo themes:

Final Fantasy IX

Despite never having really played this Final Fantasy, it has quite the strong following among the fandom. When I was listening through the various themes throughout Final Fantasy's storied history, this one grabbed me. Even a non-gamer could play this theme at a Hawaiian themed party and have it be a smash hit!

Final Fantasy X

This theme I enjoy in retrospect. At the time I played this one, I wouldn't rank this one very high but looking back this is a very fun version of the chocobo theme. This is a theme I would play for my daughter when she gets a bit older that we could dance and be silly to. I'm sure she'll love it too since this Final Fantasy is my wife's favorite.

Final Fantasy IV

This iteration didn't change much from the first time the theme appeared in Final Fantasy II but it upped the tempo a bit and makes for a fun ride.

Final Fantasy VII: The Chocobo Ranch

Click the link above and watch that video. Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen? This isn't one of the all time best themes but the dance that went with it earned it a high place in my personal list due to that very fact.

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

You'd be hard pressed to find another riding theme that makes you feel like you're on an epic adventure. Some might get tired of it due to the frequency of hearing the theme as this is basically the mount theme from Final Fantasy XIV. You can turn the theme off in your options but I can't see why you would want to personally.

Final Fantasy V

If this theme doesn't make you want to get up and dance, check your pulse because you may be dead. While not one of the best Final Fantasy games ever, in my mind, it had the best chocobo theme ever. Hands down.

Special Mention: Seiken Densetsu (The Mana Series)

To the best of my knowledge, the Seiken Densetsu series is the only series of games (aside from their own spin-off games) that features chocobos. The only American release to feature the song was the orignal Seiken Densetsu for the GameBoy and this theme always gets my daughter to smile as we play "chocobo". Not horsey. If the theme plays, it's chocobo.