News Surf With Merlot Williams Pre-E3 Edition

A bit slow this week in the news tide but I imagine that would be because one of the biggest times of the year in gaming is coming up this Tuesday! E3 starts Tuesday June 10th and I'm interested to see what news trickles in over the week. Many argue that large electronics conventions have become too commercialized and that they lack the excitement to match the hype anymore but as far as the news goes it's still a big deal to me. A few point's I'd like to make before we get into the week's news:

  1. Nintendo needs to announce something big.Nintendo is in just as bad if not worse shape than Sony. Financially at least. I wasn't aware that they were attending E3 this year until the news broke that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata would be missing the event due to ill health. They have Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 still in the works but they need a HUGE announcement to save their floundering console. Something like a Metroid or a Zelda.
  2. Sony can't get cocky.They're at the top of the heap in the console arena now but it was this time last year that they were in dead last. They need to keep up the goodwill with fans and keep the good games coming if they want to continue to hold the crown and even stay afloat with the way that they are laying people off and hemorrhaging divisions.
  3. Microsoft needs a clear and concise message.With the train-wreck that was the Xbox One's launch just a short year ago and the subsequent changing of EVERYTHING they announced about the console, they've got a lot of ground to cover to catch back up to Sony. People seem to be warming back up to them especially in light of the Kinect-less price-dropped Xbox One. Let's see if they can keep up the momentum.

Now with that out of the way, let's catch the wave in the News Surf!

Via Joystiq

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Elsewhere around the web, in a surprisingly non-dick move, Konami gave the ok to a fan remake of the original Metal Gear, the PSP has now ceased in production in it's homeland, we're getting a new Dragonball Z movie after 17 years, Telltale Games released a trailer for a Walking Dead...pinball game...ok...and Microsoft has expanded the Games with Gold service to Xbox One.

That's all for this week! Come back next week to catch the wave of good news! I fish out the crap so you don't have to!