News Surf: The MASSIVE E3 Wrap-Up

For those who might not know, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo was this past Monday through Thursday and as such a wealth of news came out of one of gaming's biggest and best shows of the year. Well, maybe not news, mostly trailers and announcements. Either way, I picked the best brightest and biggest news to highlight here to get us all hyped for late this year and mostly next year! We started the day with a leak of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer that would get showcased at Sony's conference later in the day.

Microsoft led the official proceedings with news about:

Shortly after, EA took the stage to discuss:

Ubisoft stepped in after EA and announced a November 11th release date for the awesome looking MMO racing game The Crew and dusted off the old Rainbow Six license for a new title, Siege.

Sony was the last conference of the day and started strong but fell a bit flat at the end with:

Now, this was just day one. Monday was for big press conferences only. Day two didn't let up in exciting hype.

Nintendo led the day with it's E3 Nintendo Direct conference which brought to light a new title in the long dormant Star Fox series, news on Super Smash Bros. (you can play as Miis now!) as well as the Gamecube controller adapter launching alongside the title and Pac-Man becoming a new fighter, Yoshi getting his own wool themed game, Toad getting his own game, the first details on the latest Legend of Zelda game, a couple Pokemon re-releases (Ruby and Sapphire to be exact), Bayonetta 2 including the original game and having a release time frame of fall and getting costume themes from Nintendo exclusive characters for the WiiU version, Hyrule Warriors cutting a bloody...well, a swath anyway onto the WiiU on September 26th, a new Kirby title and the Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright mashup to hit shelves August 29th.

Damn, they got me thinking a WiiU might not be a bad investment afterall.

Square-Enix would take the stage proper later in the day with an array of Final Fantasy news including a PS4 HD localization of the previously PSP Japan only exclusive Final Fantasy Type-0, the motorcycle escape from Midgar in Final Fantasy VII becoming it's own game (Which may hinge on whether or not a full HD remake gets made. This is long enough as it is so I won't rant here about it. I've done it before.) and the Japanese dev adding the Rogue/Ninja class/job combination into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Other assorted news that made the show this year and trickled in through the remaining two days were:

That's all ladies and gents. It was hell keeping up with the news this week for E3 but I do it all for you!

Now that the tide has died down, I'm gonna go take a nap! Have fun surfing the wave this week, and I'll see you guys next time!