My Day of the Doctor

As someone who did not start to like Doctor Who until a few years ago going into the 50th has been an adventure in space and time. Amid six months of rumors, waiting and guessing if it will be good and a pretty shocking series seven finale the day of the doctor has arrived. With my tickets ordered and a whole day to wait to see it I went about preparing. Began by watching all of series seven to see how many hints I could pick up of what is to come. I hear rumors that there might possibly be some content taken from earlier stories so I went through and loaded up a story by each of the previous Doctors.

Despite the fact that before the reboot the effects were being done with nothing but cardboard and duct tape most of the time the thing that makes it so enjoyable is that the writing was top notch. With a head full of who I left to go pick up my ticket and join the line. I took one look at the line and was surrounded by Tom Baker scarves and people dressed like David Tenant and I knew that I was in the right place. Now to stand in line for the next hour, Question what to do while I wait to get in and be seated. 
Time to pull out my iPod and listen to a classic doctor audio book to keep the mood going, I chose a Peter Davidson story that I knew would be done right about time to start moving and finally take my seat in front of the screen. 
I will refuse to entertain any spoilers at all but what I will say is, for all hour and a half that it was playing the energy was explosive, every time an Easter egg would show up you could hear the yells from outer space. 
If you have ever had any interest in Doctor Who at all I would say that you will not be disappointed.
Happy watching.