Movie Review - Thor: The Dark World

The new Thor movie has graced us with its presence, as of last Friday.  As a conscientious moviegoer, I waited until the Monday following before I ventured to our local theater.  The next installment of the Marvel story takes us back to Asgard, and the goings on of our beloved Thor.  Thor, as much of a filler character as he was, is one of my favorites in the team.  I don't read comics, so I am not versed on the history of each character, nor do I know any of the issues the movies may have with their comic book brethren, so I go into these movies nearly clean of preconceptions.  I entered into this adventure pure of heart, ready to enjoy the movie for what it was; an action packed fantasy story about a hero.

The movie brings back near all of the original cast from the first go round.  Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is back as the lead hero, son of Odin, and protector of worlds.  Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) continues her search for her lost love Thor, only to be ripped back into his world.  Loki (Tom Hiddleston) even has a strong roll in the story, despite his colorful past, and lends his assistance to Thor in the trying times Asgard, and all the 9 realms are facing.  Sif, Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun, Heimdall, His Father Odin, and his mother Frigga, all renew their rolls as well.

Before there was light, there was only darkness, and the creatures of the dark are fighting to return the universe to the darkness.  Creatures known as Dark Elves, known to be extinct, are awakened by the presence of their most prized weapon.  A weapon once thought lost, was now within their grasp, so naturally, they set forth to retrieving it.  Their end goal, of course, is to return the universe to darkness, so they may rule over existence.  The people of Asgard are set against this happening, and take up arms to stop it.  After a costly battle upon Asgard itself, Thor takes up a quest for vengeance, with Loki's help, to put a stop to the Dark Elves.

I can say right off, that I think they did a very good job with the pace of this movie.  Full of action, thrill, and visual spectacles, all very pleasing to the senses.  As fantastical as the idea of Thor and Mj√∂lnir are, they do well with keeping him believable, and not just a super god that can take on anything.  The story flowed well, despite a few "huh?" moments, and I didn't feel like I lost anything in the viewing.  They could have done more for the first battle sequence, and its subsequent ending, because it was very anticlimactic.

The ending was typical.  I pride myself in my ability to predict the flow and events of the movies I watch, and this one was no different.  I found a few parts so easily predicted, I knew that I could not be the only one who saw it coming.  The story, characters, and action were great, but it was built on a model that we all have gotten pretty used to in movies nowadays, so there weren't many surprises.  Even the very end "revealing" surprise was too heavily hinted at earlier in the movie, so it was no shock when it happened.

This was a Marvel movie after all, so naturally I waited through the credits to see what little tidbit was dropped on us this time.  I went in expecting a nod towards an upcoming project in the Avengers Initiative, and it is not what we got.  I will not reveal it now, for I do try not to spoil movies for people, but I will say at least that much.  It also looks like The Avengers film has had an effect on the movies following it, as Thor has two end credit Easter Eggs, just like the Avengers, set in the same two tones.  One is informative, the other is an attempt at funny.  I can't say the second one was worth waiting through the extremely long credits sequence, but to each their own.

So overall, yes I enjoyed this movie very much, but by no means did I find it perfect.  It was lacking in some areas, and was disappointingly predictable.  There is a lot of fun to be had, and a surprising amount of laughter as well, so it is definitely worth a watch.  As with any Marvel adventure, I do recommend at least one viewing done in theaters.  So go watch it already, share with us your experience with it as well.