Movie Review - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I recently took the time to visit our local movie theater once again, and this time we saw the newest installment of "The Hunger Games".  I am one of those who actually took the time to read the series after seeing the first adaptation into film.  I try to do that with any movie or movie series that is based on a book or books.  I try to enjoy both sides of a story, whether it be the written novel itself, or the film adaptation.  I would be lying if I didn't compare the two, because of course I do, everyone does.  However, I am not the elitist type to condemn a movie based on its deviation from the original novel.  That being said, I can say right away that both the original film, and the newest film covering the events of the second novel, hold extremely well to their novel counterparts. Naturally, the movie felt rushed.  They were trying to portray the mood of the people in this land, show the chaos, while telling the story of Catniss and Peeta, and their own struggles through it.  There was a lot of important information to get across, so they crammed most of it in.  It did hurt the story as a whole, but not enough to stop the enjoyment of the film.  There were many different stories and subplots brewing in this book, all leading up to one large revelation, and it seemed clear they wanted to make sure you got every subtle nuance that helped lead you there in your mind.

Overall, I must say it was an interesting film.  If you enjoyed the books, or the first film and ignored the books, you will likely enjoy this movie as well.  If you can catch it before it exits the theaters, I would recommend you do, otherwise just catch it when it hits Blu-Ray.

I apologize for the short length of this review, there isn't much to tell, and I am also pressed for time.  Enjoy your days fellow Geeks!