Movie Review - Frozen [At a Glance]

  After a long, rough, stressful weekend, my family deserved a night away.  We planned dinner and a movie.  The dinner?  Red Robin.  The movie? Disney's newest animated adventure called Frozen.

I had no idea what to expect going into this film, but I knew one thing, I would probably not like it all that much.  Not since Aladdin and The Lion King have I really enjoyed a Disney animated film.  I have come to expect sub par when it comes to their new animations.

What I didn't expect was another story about a princess.  Seeing that Disney very adamantly assured us that they were done with telling tales of beautiful princess's and the trouble they all seem to get in.

Yes, this is a movie about a princess, her sister the queen, and the usual comic relief characters, prince charming's, and lots of singing.  Yet, they did such a fantastic job casting the voice of the eldest sister (the queen) that my attention was glued on the screen anytime they had her sing.  Idina Menzel voiced  Elsa, a conflicted woman who's troubled past has driven her into solitude, when she was ejected unexpectedly into the limelight, and all things went to hell.

The story is easy to follow, yet was rushed.  Things progressed far too rapidly, there was little to no character development.  On the whole, this movie screams, "I AM JUST A SPOT FILLER FOR KIDS!" and not many attempts were made to keep the interests of the older generation of kids, or any adult stuck watching it with their kids.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad movie, but it is most definitely a kids movie.

Wait for this one to be released on Blu-Ray before you watch it.