Dreams of Smart Watches, Moto 360 Released

For those of you who may be living under a rock, the Motorola Moto 360 is a smart watch.  It is powered by the Android Wear operating system that was released a few months ago; the same that powers the LG G Watch, and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live.  What makes the Moto 360 different is its shape and its charging method. gray_leather_600_0000

The Moto 360 is round, as watches should be, but up until recently, no other manufacturer showed any sign of doing so.  Recently, LG started showing off their LG G Watch R, a heavily bezel'd round watch.  Frankly, it is hideous.  It looks like an old Casio I wore when I was in middle school.  A few others have been revealed here and there as well, but we are not here to talk about the competition, we are here to talk about the Moto 360.

Motorola announced the 360 all the way back at Google I/O 2014, and many of us were hooked, immediately.  It was the one that stood out over the boring, blocky squares that were deemed to be its competition.  Sure, it had a small cut out of the screen at the bottom, but sacrifices for a superior product were worth it.

We waited and waited for the announcement of its release.  "Summer 2014" was all we knew, and Summer was nearly over before we even got a small glimmer of hope.

Well, here we are on the fifth of September, 9:00 am, and it has finally released.  It released in 3 places; Motorola.com, Google Play, and Best Buy.  As soon as the clock hit nine, the Motorola Website blew up.  I couldn't get it to load for 17 minutes.  During that 17 minutes, it finally appeared on the Google Play Store as well, yet still no sign of Best Buy.  The 360 jumped to Backorder status before I could ever get the site to load.  Google Play burned through its inventory even faster, no option for backorder.  Best Buy did in fact get its act together, and launched it, but same story, neither style lasted very long.

Our editor was able to grab one for himself via the Google Play Store.  I, myself, got it from Motorola directly, not backordered.  More on that in the coming future. For now, I don't want to jinx it.  That's the fun with release day electronic purchases; sometimes you just don't know if you are actually going to get it on time, or at all.

For those of you who want to keep eyes, or maybe order one on backorder, here are your links to do so.

Moto 360 on Motorola.com, for use to Backorder

Google Play Store

Best Buy