The Merlot Minute for July 26th - August 1st

There may not have been a lot of mind-blowing announcements this week but I have a veritable plethora of geeky news for you, what with the San Diego Comic Con having happened. Let's jump right in! Via IGN

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  • One of the more interesting stories this week was that EA announced a Netflix-esque subscription service for Xbox One. This will net you access to many of their popular titles as well as discounts in the Origin Store. It sounds like a decent deal on the surface but we'll have to see how it progresses. With EA, I'm always skeptical. Sony, in turn, dismissed the service saying "[it] doesn't represent good value to PlayStation users".

In a bit of news I missed from last week, the new Kim Kardashian mobile game is raking is STUPID amounts of money, AMC has an extremely vague trailer for an upcoming Walking Dead mobile game and finally, Telltale has confirmed a Season 3 of their smash hit adventure series based on same.

Thanks for the minute of your time! See you guys next week!