The Merlot Minute for July 18th - 25th

Ok guys, so I promise this will be the name that I stick with from here on out for my news articles. The Week In didn't feel right since I attached the WARNING: INCOMING RANT moniker to it since I realized after a bit that I hardly ever ranted and News Surf was just a bit of a placeholder. I like Merlot Minute. It has alliteration. Same great news, just a different name. So without further ado, let's get into it! Via

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In another bit of good gaming related news, Dragon Age: Inquisition was also delayed this week. I would much rather them spend extra time developing the game than them pushing the game out before it has a chance to brush its teeth.

The Xbox Twitter account is apparently confused as to what the word "exclusive" means. The tweet has since been removed.


Elsewhere on the web, Warner Brothers acquires the movie rights to Space Invaders... for some reason, Fight Club 2 is going to be a thing, the hit Nickelodeon television show The Legend of Korra (the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender) is being pulled from the network for a digital distribution method and even though they can't seem to make a cell phone with a text app that works correctly, Samsung has developed a $120,000 105 inch 4K TV.

I hope you guys like the new name and I'llĀ see you next week!