The Merlot Minute: Gamescom Wrap-Up

We got a big ass news week this week! Gamescom took place in Germany so we have a wealth of news to get excited about! First up, Microsoft hit the floor with:

Sony would then take the show floor later in the day and keep the momentum going







  • Much to the delight of horror, movie and game fans alike, Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear fame and respected director Guillermo Del Toro are making a new Silent Hill game starring Norman Reedus!

And the news just kept flooding in after that as well!

Via Joystiq



  • In another Xbox scandal, it was announced that the sequel to the much praised Tomb Raider reboot would be an Xbox exclusive. Sony fans raged but it would later come out that the exclusivity was timed. For how long? Both Microsoft and Square-Enix are remaining tight-lipped.


  • Game studio Starbreeze, makers of the popular team-based FPS Payday 2, will be making some kind of co-op Walking Dead game. Though I haven't played Payday 2, I am intrigued. Speaking of Walking Dead...




Via Destructoid

Elsewhere on the web, Hideo Kojima has said he is considering remaking the original Metal Gear Solid (even though, like I've stated before THAT'S BEEN DONE!), the new World of Warcraft expansion will hit shelves on November 13th and (as if there was any doubt) characters made in the Destiny Beta will not transfer to the full game.

That took a bit more than a minute but, as stated, this was a HUGE week for game news! See you guys again next week!