The Merlot Minute for August 29th - September 5th

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  • The WiiU has broken 7 million units sold worldwide. That is 6,999,999 more than I thought they would. In all seriousness, I'm glad to see Nintendo bouncing back a bit from it's lackluster start. They're just stubborn rather than malicious. Plus, it's still doing better than the Xbone.
  • You may be able to pre-load Destiny...

    But some are taking a bit of pause as it came to light that review copies of the upcoming game are being delayed until the day before it's release. This is usually the telltale sign of a bad game as review scores and opinions about the game won't be out before the game is live. I had fun with it but we'll see. Another bit of news saw that some people who pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 Ghost Edition of the title will not be getting it. Instead they will get a standard edition PS4 copy and a Ghost PS3 copy so as to not miss out on the extra swag. Good Guy GameStop? Also, continuing their slap fight, Microsoft took a pot shot at Sony with advertisements for their new "Destiny" fragrance line. Microsoft seems to be poking fun at Sony having exclusive advertising rights to the IP by advertising a fictional product. The advertisement was taken down in pretty short order and now the site just says "Check with retailers for Xbox One stuff". Guess Sony can't take what they dish out.



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Elsewhere on the web, Sega says Phantasy Star Online 2 is still planned to get a western release,  AMC has greenlit a Walking Dead companion series and a massive iCloud hack has released a ton of celebrity nudes into the wild.

Samsung also announced a VR headset! Add that to the list with 3D TVs as shit noone is going to care about in 5 years.

And Shiro Games has started work on Evoland 2!