Life in Review - Dawn of the Donut

Photos courtesy of Dawn of the Donut

Life in Review - Dawn of the Donut

Today we take a look at a whimsical local business in Spokane, WA.

If there is one thing not seen as often as it should be anymore, it's creativity and fun put into businesses.  Someone taking the time to offer you not just a product, but some style, class, and fun added to the experience.  Sure, anyone can open a doughnut shop, make the classics we all know and love, and make a few bucks, but the bland atmosphere gets tiresome real fast.  So enters Dawn of the Donut, a zombie style doughnut shop dedicated to deliver not just tasty doughnuts, but a full fun experience and real creativity behind their products.  If you're in the mood for a maple bar, wouldn't one with a little creativity behind it's creation make it that much better of an experience?  We think so.

Dawn of the Donut (DOTD) slowly emerged into the limelight of the local area sometime last Spring.  People started talking about it, noticing the construction being done on a closed business on the busiest road in the city.  A big white sheet covered the inside of the windows, and in "blood" read "ZOMBIES  INSIDE", and immediately my interest was peaked.  No one really knew what it was becoming, we just knew that the folks who were working on it seemed to have a sense of humor, and an affinity for zombies.  It wasn't until June 19, 2013, when Dawn of the Donut made its debut on Facebook, that we all were quickly clued in.  We now discovered it was becoming a zombie themed doughnut shop, the first of its kind, and was opening that very summer.  Thus begins the hype, everyone wanted to try it, to see it, to be a part of it, and all we could do was wait, and wonder.
A promotion DOTD held with the local rock station, Rock945, gave people lucky enough to hear about it a chance to try the new style donuts a full two days early.  The promotion was a huge success, more people than the small shop could handle showed up to try their treats, and even more wanted to show but were too late to make it.  I was the latter, I didn't find out about the promotion until shortly after it happened, as I read about it from their Facebook page.

August 2, 2013 came quickly, and they opened their doors for regular business for the first time.  They were met with hordes of people all ready to have their delicious breakfasts supplied by sugary doughnuts.  Lines ran out the door and around the building, and yet people were still coming and waiting for an opportunity to try the doughnuts.  The lines stayed like this for weeks, sometimes not as long as the first day, others were bigger.  It seemed to be real apparent that people were very interested in what DOTD had to bring us.  So much so that within their first few days, they ran out of their inventory, making some people have to come back another day.  It didn't take them very long at all to get things adjusted to keep enough supplies for the surprising amount of demand they faced.
One of the first things I noticed about this business, both in store and on their page, is that the owner and staff are made up of real people.  When I say this, I mean not hidden under a false smile, and fake jubilant mood, but real people, with real enthusiasm, having fun in what they do.  You are met warmly as you enter the shop, and the service is outstanding.  The "behind the scenes" looks into the process of creating these morsels is a bit like watching a group of best friends all working together.  A lot of smiles, a lot of fun, and I truly believe that breeds great food and great service.
Having developed a foothold in the city, and their popularity rising by the day, they ventured with their donuts, and brought in a local feel to one particular new creation.  They created what is known as the Zag, which is a raised bar donut with blue frosting, and red highlights.  Directly themed after the local college Gonzaga University's colors, showing a bit of local pride as well.  Seeing a small business involve themselves in local themes and events is quite refreshing as well.  They have sponsored a zombie themed blood drive, called "Dawn of the Donor" encouraging staff and customers to donate blood.  They sponsored a "The Walking Dead" season premiere event at the local Bing Crosby Theater, and they supplied merchandise, prizes, and doughnuts.  All you had to do to was give a minimum $5 donation to get in, which went to The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.  They have done more as a local business in their first several months, than a lot of business's (local or not) have ever done.
Over the last month or so they worked on a large van they purchased, and now it is a zombie apocalypse style survival vehcile, used for delivery and selling doughnuts.  Shortly after that, they had their biggest holiday of the year to date.  Halloween had approached, and based on the zombie theme, it was right up their alley.  They chose to stay open 24 hours on Halloween in celebration, which gave a great opportunity to see all the creative costumes this year.  More recently, they have chosen to try staying open longer on Fridays and Saturdays, lending us all a lot more time to get in there and get some doughnuts.  I am especially happy with that change, since the best times for me to get there are in the afternoons on those very days.
Lastly, let me cover the most important thing about DOTD and their products; their doughnuts are delicious.  They have created so many different flavors and creations that you always have something new and tasty to try.  Everything I have tried thus far has been very tasty, and I can't wait to try more.  My favorite is "The Governor", which is simply a Maple bar topped with crumbled bacon.  I like it done that way a lot better than how it is offered at another local doughnut shop, and the atmosphere is far superior in my opinion.  So, it is my humble opinion that, if you haven't had one of their donuts, make sure you get in there.  It should be on your to do lists when visiting Spokane every time.  Let us all support our local businesses, and start by having a tasty doughnut.
You can find location, menu, and hours all on the Dawn of the Donut website, check them out:
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