Just call me Melody...Melody Pond?

I was formally introduced to Doctor Who by way of Christopher Eccleston, the ninth doctor.  They say you never forget your first doctor, and I certainly haven’t, but alas, another holds my heart. Most Whovians will understand the post-regeneration anxiety that comes with meeting a new doctor. I have suffered from it myself. It wasn't going to be easy to replace David Tennant, in my mind, and I was nervous and skeptical at the beginning of series 5. But it didn't take long for Matt Smith and the rest to win me over.  

I have enjoyed every minute of Matt Smith’s time as Doctor Who. By the end of his first episode I knew the show was in good hands.  He seemed charming, witty and childishly enthusiastic. It was easy to like him and he proved himself with each appearance. But there’s another reason why I consider Smith’s time to be my favorite. His companions. Amelia (Amy) Pond, the feisty red-head whose smart-assery (yeah, that’s a word now) makes me smile. Rory Williams, the most lovable and loyal friend/boyfriend/husband/Roman a girl could ask for. And last but not least, River Song. (I’m not gonna lie, I got entirely too much pleasure out of the fact that Amy named her daughter Melody. What can I say? It’s a good name.) River has the best qualities of her mom and dad. She’s quick, witty, loyal and can and will kick your ass if you hurt someone she loves. Amy and Rory seem like genuinely good people who would be awesome to hang out with. It’s funny how emotionally invested you can become in someone who doesn't really exist. Two and a half seasons and, damn, they feel like family.


Now comes the part when I admit to being a bad Whovian. The last episode I watched was “The Angels Take Manhattan,” in which we say goodbye to Amy and Rory. No, I didn't stop watching because my favorite characters were gone. Though I am a little nervous to be introduced to Clara. Things in my life were a little topsy-turvy and I have fallen behind. And now the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is upon us and I'm horribly out of the loop. I will do my best to avoid spoilers until I can get caught up. It will be interesting to see Tennant and Billie Piper again. And I am curious as to what kind of surprises await.