James reads The Ascendant issues 1&2

Ascendant CoverAscendant 2 Cover

As a fitting conclusion to my journey through the works of Wayward Raven Media I am finishing things up with The Ascendant issues one and two.

Written by Mark C. Frankel with pencils and inks by Christopher Manchey and colors by Rich Cardoso. The first thing I noticed on breezing through the two issues is that this is by far the most action oriented of all of their books that I have read of their entire line.

Taking place from the point of view of Caitlin, an escaped duke of Hell, from the first panel there is excitement and the promise of a deep mythology. Cail is someone who is not afraid to get into a fight he can not win as long as it's a good one while also seeing the need to know his enemy's weaknesses, that is where Faustus comes into the equation, Though no where near his physical equal, his thirst for knowledge is what led him to sell his soul to the forces of hell and he would be perfectly happy to be left to his reading if only Cail would let him.

Issue one is taken up by the fight of Cail against a fallen Escaped Gladiator by the name of Halstein who delights in strengthening his skin by adding on layers from all of his conquests, human or demon alike. Many things are set up in this issue that look like they could trail into a pretty awesome continuing series, but on that only time will tell.

Issue two follows the continuing adventures of Cail and Faustus as they try and avoid the forces that would love nothing more than to send them back to hell. We see more of their backstory and how it came to be that Cail escaped. We also see an amazing fight with some succubi that leads to just the right kind of bloodshed.

The artistic choices they made in these books were astounding. I loved just how relatively realistic the fights were and that the blood when it appeared wasn't over done. I also appreciated how non-overblown the body types were. Everything was extremely vibrant and rich and I loved it. I can't wait to see what happens when they pick the series back up and we finally get issue 3.

This is also the only one that I can point out is available on comixology and I encourage everyone to give it a download especially with just how cheap it is.

Follow the link down below to pick up the first issue for the awesome price of 99 cents.


As for Issue two it is more than worth it to order both of them directly and support a great new studio trying to do things as a true indipendent label.

Their website is http://waywardraven.com