James Rants about comics


As evidenced by the past ten years of blockbusters when it comes to movies comics are king.

Out of the Two biggest companies in the entertainment world you have both Disney and WB Doing everything in their power to launch and maintain their own Marvel and DC universes. One better than the other and that is not changing anytime soon,  In The next Twelve months there are 11 different Movies being Released based on a comic book property.

The Real question is Why, not that I mind at all. Comic books as a medium are something that Have lived way past their peak and are sold primarily to people who have been reading them since they are young and despite many valiant attempts sales are not growing as box office returns would make you assume.

My own history of comics up until recently was the sporadic comic book every couple of years and the golden age of fox kids and wb during the early 90's. Everything I know about the Dark phoenix saga comes from the animated show. Same with Batman the Animated series which is shockingly good and still holds up twenty years later.

When it comes to what I will read I devour gigantic tomes of science fiction literature upwards of five hundred pages and more. That is why it is strange that as of probably six months ago I have jumped into weekly trips to the Comic Book store and never leaving Empty handed, whether that is a couple or a bag bursting full.

What I ask myself Is how can I read these gigantic serious books and then switch over to a thirty page comic book. When you Really dig into the world of comic books You find a sprawling world with more back story then you can ever hope for. Amazing spider man ran for 700 issues spread out over 50 years, There is no regular book series I have found that can surprise me randomly as much as going back through and going through random arcs and finding one more piece of the puzzle.

The first thing I have learned about modern comic books is the that its come a long way from the silver age. No matter how awesome Stan "The man" Lee is or BoB Kane were as Creators of Characters That have stood the test of time, The Early stories they did looking back now are not good. Lots of great big ideas there but the dialogue was bad with occasional flashes of brilliance. Fast forward to now and you have Guys like Dan Slott and Scott Snyder who have taken over spider man and Batman Respectively. You look at What They are doing and it puts most novelists to shame.

Put That together with a medium that is not afraid to take the art and run with it, I have seen some of the most ultra realistic art to the most stylized and The only thing that matters is the service of the story. Some of the spreads almost take your breath away with the detail that is shown. Though with some of the titles there have been some issues with unrealistic poses on the covers to get the attention of someone walking by.

Over The past thirty years there have been Some epic Graphic novels Written with such skill that they are used in schools. Things such as Watchmen or jthm.

That's all I've got got for now. Happy reading no matter what form it takes.