Is there anybody out there? - Album review by Amanda King

Is There Anybody Out There? By A Great Big World

Album review by Amanda King

So you may know that I love to read. I also love music. A lot of what I really like is not necessarily

mainstream (my boyfriend says I only listen to things nobody else listens to), but I like all kinds of music.

I have never felt super compelled to encourage people to listen to what I am listening to, except in rare

cases like this.

Many of you may be thinking that you have never heard of this band. I hadn’t either until I was sort of

half watching The Voice last fall while reading, and heard one of the most beautiful songs I have ever

heard. I look up and sitting there playing the piano, singing with Christina Aguilera, is this kind of doofy

looking dude. I don’t judge much on appearance, but it is rare to see in any performance industry. I was

so drawn to that song I looked it up to find out who that was and what the song was. The song title is

“Say Something”, and the band is A Great Big World. They are two guys who met at NYU studying music.

They had done some stuff previously but rebranded themselves in 2012 and things kind of went crazy

for them. Their song “This is the New Year” was performed by the cast on Glee and was used in promo

spots for the finale of this years The Biggest Loser.

The songs are upbeat with a positive message with only a few exceptions. The downer songs like “say

Something” and “I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else” are beautiful and relatable to everyone at some

point in their lives. I suppose there are people that have never experienced heartbreak or loss but they

are few and far between.

My six year old daughter’s favorite song that she now requests all the time is “Rockstar” and is all about

following your dreams. There is not a single song on this album that I have to skip or turn down for

fear of her repeating inappropriate lyrics, which I love. There are a few songs “Land of opportunity”,

“Everyone is Gay” and “Cheer Up” that have kind of a goofy feel to them, and a few lines that actually

made me laugh out loud, but still have a good message.

The lyrics are well done, interesting and (my favorite) not overly repetitive. The music varies from

simplistic but hauntingly beautiful like in “Say Something”, “I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else” and

“Already Home”; to steering wheel drumming upbeat like “Rockstar” to calliope carnival music in “Cheer

Up”. There is not a single song on this album that I did not thoroughly enjoy.

The music video for Say Something is beautiful and heart wrenching

The Tobuscus parody is awesome and hilarious

The Pentatonix version is also amazing

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