Game of Thones Characters and Their Superhero Equivalents

In the spirit of the 4th of July I have made this list, because what is more patriotic than Game of Thrones and superheroes? Ok, a lot of things.  Level of patriotism aside, I hope you enjoy the list and see all the connections I made. SPOILERS are ahead obviously with minor spoilers for each superhero character I talk about. Let's start with the embodiment of the good in our country.

Eddard/Ned Stark is Captain America


Why?: Because he has an unrelenting sense of justice. He always sticks up for what is honorable even if it is the unpopular. This may lead to his death, but he'll put his neck out for what he knows is right.


Khal Drogo is Drax The Destoryer (from Guardians of the Galaxy)

khal-drogo-photodrax 1

Why?: I know Guardians isn't even out yet, but you can't deny the striking similarity from these exotic warriors. These two are savage bad-asses to the bone. Both are experts and knives and anything that pierces the skin. They also have a tragic love story  and fight  for the good side even if though they don't hold consideration for laws.

Honorable Mention: Wolverine for his kick-ass nature and tragic love story.


Robb Stark is Superman


Why?: Besides them looking so freakin' similar, they both have strong sense of moral justice that arose from their fathers. They are not afraid to look out for the little guy and they always seem to win in their battle, though they both have a dark (k)night to deal with that doesn't bode well in their favor.


Catelyn Stark is Frigga (from Thor)


Why?: Both are strong maternal figures that have a profoundly deep caring for  their children.  They might always succeed in raising perfect kids, but they try their best anyway. They're both pretty handy with a long knife too even if it brings them to their demise.


Joffrey is The Motherf*{+%r (from Kickass)


Why?: No significant power to be found here other than being a complete a-hole. Both can be annoying as all get out, and they wouldn't have anything without their rich parents and connections.

Honorable Mention: Mr. Freeze because of the annoying factor


Oberyn Martell/Red Viper is Spider-Man


Why?: Well, someone had to be Spider-Man didn't they? Oberyn is quick as can be just like the Web Head. Sometimes though, just like Spider-Man, he can't shut up and it gets the better of him. Both are also great with the ladies. At least with the mask on in Spidey's case. . .

Honorable Mentions: Gambit for his accent, moves with the ladies, and skill with a staff; or Punisher for his insatiable thirst for revenge.


Ygritte is Black Widow (from Avengers)


Why?: Both came from a dark upbringing and managed to carve themselves out as great fighters. Plus they both have beautiful red hair if that counts for anything.

Honorable Mention: Catwoman for her dark nature and love of, well, a certain someone who is like Batman. . .


Jojen Reed is Isaac Mendez (from Heroes)


Why?: Let's get the obvious out of the way. They both can see into the future. Though more than that, they both struggle from sickness on a daily basis and are kind hearted with a  willingness to go the extra mile for what is right.


Shay is Talia Al Ghul (from Dark Knight Rises)


Why?: You think they have the heroe's best interest at heart, then boom! Betrayal!!! Even worse, these brunette beauties are in "love" with the person our hero despises  the most. Oh well, they get what's coming to them in the end.


Twyin Lannister is Magneto (from X-Men)


Why?: Both are seniors who have seen some crap in their days. They have a twisted sense of justice and care deeply about the name of their people whether it is the Lannisters or the Brotherhood.

Honorable Mention: Odin for his nobility and attempt to juggle with the fate of his chilren


Sandor Clegane/The Hound is Wolverine and Sabertooth (from X-Men)


Why?: Neither of them quite fit him perfectly. He doesn't quite have the nobility of Wolverine nor the evil spirit of Sabertooth. What he does have though is their kick-ass savagery and loner mentality. Either way you look at it too, they all have a problem with their brother.

Honorable Mentions: Hancock, J. Jonah Jameson, and Two Face for the duality of their characters.


Gregor Clegane/The Mountain is Abomination (from The Incredible Hulk)


Why?: Look at 'em! They're both freakishly huge! Though, their characters are similar as well. They both come from a military background, have uncontrollable anger issues and an unquenchable desire to kill.

Honorable Mention: Sabertooth for his savagery and a brother who hates him.


Arya Stark is Hit Girl (from Kick-Ass)


Why?: Even before their fathers were killed off by a-holes, they were badass. Now they're even more fierce with their foul mouthed mentality. Part of them wants to continue their journey with others, but they decide it is best to stick to being solo.


Ramsey Bolton is The Joker (from Dark Knight)


Why?: Both share a childlike innocence in their love for torturing others and turning them into monsters. Their aggressive, creepy style often succeeds in getting them exactly what they want and their creations are something to behold.

Honorable Mention: Green Goblin for being a crazed, power hungry lunatic as well.


Theon Greyjoy?/Reek? is Two Face (From Dark Knight)


Why?: These men who once shared a glimmer of nobility have fallen on hard times and through their own choice and the push of torture have become unrecognisable. You want to feel bad for them, but there is still an aching sense their ugly side will prevail. Who are they really? That is up for you to decide.


Stannis Baratheon is Robin (from Batman and Robin)


Why?: While both might have good intentions at heart, they are constantly being pulled around by a red-headed bi-otch who is getting in the way of them and their friends. Plus, both of them are kinda annoying. . .


Melisandre is Poison Ivy (from Batman and Robin)


Why?: Read last paragraph.

Honorable Mention: Lorelei for her seductress ability and minor sorcery.


Jon Snow is Batman


Why?: I know this one is a bit of stretch  (the Dark Knight had to be in here!), but if you look deeper there is something. Both lost their parents, both exist in dark corners of their universes with scum and villainy everywhere and they are some of the top fighters out there.  Furthermore, they both share a strong sense of right and wrong and have a weakness for beautiful femme fatales (eg. Catwoman and Ygritte).

Honorable Mention: Cyclops for his ability to command a band of misfits with great leadership.


Samwell Tarly is Battle Guy (From Kick-Ass 2)


Why?: The proof is in the puddin'. . .Ok! No fat jokes! In all seriousness, Sam and  Battle Guy are honorable outsiders. They are motivated by a charismatic lead and give it all when it comes to defending their realm and their friends even when the odds are stacked against their favor.


Daenerys is Jean Grey (from X-Men)


Why?: They can be the purest of heroes. They have noble intentions and will do everything to save those in need. Though, they struggle with dealing with a fiery beast(s) that can get out of hand.


Jaime Lannister is Quicksilver (from ???)


Why?: Just like Quicksilver, Jaime has an unhealthy love for his twin sister. He can be quick witted jerk, who only cares about himself and can fight for the wrong side. Though, just like Quicksilver, he finds some nobility and a sense of right and wrong.

Honorable Mentions: Thor for being an arrogant jerk who finds his humanity; and Winter Soldier for losing a limb and his transition in character.


Cersei Lannister is Mama (from Dredd)

cersei-house-lannister-33827746-1024-576Dredd Momma

Why?: If Jaime is Quicksilver, that would automatically make Cersei Scarlett Witch, right? Wrong! Even when Scarlett Witch was bad, she never was as much of a cold hearted bi-otch as Mrs. Lannister.  The closest resemblance to her cruelty and deep hatred for anything that gets in the way of her rule is Mama. They are violent rulers, beautiful in their own creepy way, and sort of look similar. . . . . .


Margaery Tyrell is Lorelei (from Agents of Shield)


Why?: These red-headed hotties sure know how to get under a guy's skin. Good intentions aside, they are the masters of seducing and they won't stop until they are THE queen of the realm.

Honorable Mention: Poison Ivy for the same seductive ability, though unlike Poison Ivy, Margaery isn't at all annoying.


Brandon/Bran Stark is Charles Xavier (from X-Men)


Why?: Well, this is the most obvious one on the list. I would list the reasons why, but considering that might be taken as an insult to your intelligence, I won't say anything more.

Honorable Mention: Professor X. . .Wait! That bald guy is the same person?! Say what?!


Hodor is The Hulk


Why?!: Watch out! Because when these two have their minds messed with they are forces of nature. Bruce Banner aside, Hodor and Hulk aren't  the brightest bunch. Though, when it comes down to it, they mean well even if confusion can get the better of them.

Honorable Mention: Groot for being the muscle with a lack of vocabulary.


Brienne is Sif (from Thor)


Why?: They are the honorable female knights of their realms. They'll do whatever it takes to be there for their man even if he doesn't love them back. Here's to hoping he stops messing around with the wrong chick (in this writer's estimation) and hooks up with one who is willing die at their side in combat and life.


Petyr Balish/Littlefinger is Mr. Glass (from Unbreakable)


Why?: *Spoiler Alert! Code Red! Code Red! Code Red!* So he's the one behind all that crap! Geez, I guess they really are as smart as they boast.

Honorable Mention: Loki and Lex Luthor for their clever tricks and maniacal planning.


Sansa Stark is Mystique (from X-Men)


Why?: While Sansa may lack the fighting ability of Mystique, she certainly makes up in likeness with her shape shift ability to be the person she needs to be in each environment. These red haired cuties both may have been a bit whiny with the naive mentality early on which has torn them into the wrong environment, but now they've found their groove as strong characters.  They've maintained their life so far by being "-not a killer. . . not yet anyway".   We can only wait and see what path they choose next.


Varys is Heimdall (from Thor)


Why?: They know everything that is going on. It doesn't matter if it is at the complete other end of the realm, they've got eyes and ears on it.  Both are also self proclaimed protectors of the realm and will go that extra mile if need be to protect the innocent.


And last but certainly not least. . .

Tyrion Lannister is Iron Man/Tony Stark

Tyrion crossbow_1iron-man-3-tony-stark-robert-downey-jr

Why?: This one took a lot of thought, but when it comes down to it Tyrion is Iron Man. They really are genius, playboy, billionaire (wealthy),  philanthropists. There is the alcohol problem - check.  Having a womanising issue - check.  Being extra smart - check. Having quick witted, smart-assed, charasmatic personalities - check. Dad issues - check mate.


Hope you enjoyed the list. I know there are numerous others I could have included on this list including  Robert Baratheon, Jorah Mormont, Greyworm, Syrio Forell, Jaqen H'ghar and countless others. Maybe for another day. Let me know what you think, and have a great 4th and great second half of the year for that matter.