Faith Lost in the Oculus Rift

I was extremely excited by the prospect of the Oculus Rift and what it would mean for PC gaming in the future.  Having played with the VirtuaBoy when I was younger and having a small glimpse of something that cool, I was thrilled by adding true realism to virtual reality.  Then, of course, Sony announces their own version for the consoles, and the VR age looks upon us. However, I come bearing sad news.  Oculus Rift has sold itself to Facebook.  It's no secret that I hate Facebook; I will happily drop it entirely when Google+ takes over the primary social market.  I spend the time I do on Facebook, now, based solely on Google+ having not yet taken over.  It is not far from it, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is not quite there yet.  So I focus on Facebook.  Knowing that a company that has nothing to do with real feel gaming, taking over the next generation in real feel gaming, is extremely disheartening.

I do not have the slightest idea how they plan to use this device.  Don't get me wrong.  I have no facts stating that they are no longer creating this device with gaming (real gaming, not candy crush) in mind.  However, I find it very difficult to try to picture Facebook having any hand in real gaming.  Their ideas on gaming have been nothing short of appalling over the course of their reign.

I bring you this short piece of news right before heading out the door for work.  So despite having a mile long rant about how angry I am, I must leave you with this.  Please comment your thoughts on what I am deeming a tragedy.  You can do so directly from the website here, or on our Facebook or Google+.  You can also tweet us @drakkarium

Keep on Geekin' on friends.