Drakkarium Reviews: American Hustle

american-hustle-movie-still-9The next visit on the road past the Oscars, is American 13_2654_Sony_Form3_AdamsBanner_R9Hustle.  I will start this off and say, it is because of movies like this that inspired me to write this series of articles. There are those movies you see in the running and ask yourself, in a very loud voice, "WHY?!"  So, in attempt to enlighten us all and shed some light on this phenomenon, here we are.


American Hustle seems to be about a con man who gets a hot partner-in-crime.  They scam people for a while and he participates in an affair with her as well.  His wife is clinically insane. She is played by the lovely Jennifer Lawrence but was a terrible casting decision. More on that later.  The whole plot is about how these two small time con-men get themselves caught by the FBI and are forced to run a scam in a much higher level than they have ever tried before.  Things happen, bad luck, deaths, shooting, "oh crap they might get caught!" moments, the usual for a movie like this. Too usual.


Bradley_Cooper-American-HustleAs mentioned above, Jennifer Lawrence was a poor casting decision in this movie.  Not for her lack of ability of Jennifer_Lawrence-AMerican-Hustlecourse but because she had no place playing that character.  The lead, a fat balding Christian Bale, is a character you can't help but hate, but the movie tries really hard to get you to like him.  The role played by Bradley Cooper is so easily disliked they didn't have to try very hard at all.  When the ball rolls down hill, as far as the characters in this movie, one can't help hating every one of them.  I can't be sure if that is how it was designed or if it was just a happy accident. That just happens to be the way it turned out.

The story was convoluted. Heavily. I did my very best. I made sure I was in a clear state of mind to watch it but after the first twenty minutes I had no choice but to open a beer. Otherwise I would have just torn the movie out of my PlayStation, shoved it back into the box and taken it back to Redbox right then and there.  I couldn't even really tell what I just watched once the credits started rolling. I mean, the good guys won? I guess?  If there were any good guys to begin with.


american-hustle-movie-still-10The acting was actually decent. They sure played the characters well.  It wasn't their fault that the characters and entire movie were terrible.  So I can see some acting ability nominations given for it but to have the gall to nominate it for "Best Picture"?  That took some guts.  There is absolutely no good reason to think that this movie would ever stack up against Sharknado, let alone up against films such as Gravity or Captain Philips.  Clearly, this should have been flushed down the toilet as far as the Oscars were concerned but it wasn't.


I am sure there are people out there that disagree with me and I would love to hear some reasons why I am wrong.  I personally can't wait to see the guys over at CinemaSins take over this one. I would love to see how many this one gets. I have spoken to an assortment of different types of people about this film trying to get a read on what other people thought about it and the responses have all been very negative. I can most assuredly recommend skipping this one entirely if you have a choice.


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