Breaking News in the World of Blizzard

Well, I hope nobody is too used to the auction houses on Diablo 3, because they are going away. Mid-March 2014 Blizzard will be shutting off their auction houses for their hit game Diablo 3.  Blizzard states this is to help bring the game back to "kill things get loot" approach. Implying that Diablo isn't going as they envisioned, with all things so easily acquired through sale.  What do I have to say to all of this?


Great! One more step towards the fun of the second iteration of Diablo.  The addition of the auction house, while making it a ton easier to get geared and leveled, made it way too easy.  Flashing back to the old days when you would grind bosses for hours trying to get drops, and gather useful items, the current method is nothing compared to it.


So bring it on Blizzard, let's see the world of Diablo it was meant to be.



Forbes - Blizzard to shut down Diablo 3 auction house