Brandon's Corner: 15 for 15 - My Most Anticapted Movies of 2015

There has been an awakening. . . Have you felt it. . . That it is that time of year to talk about the future of films for 2015. You haven't? Well, I have. So, with that in mind, here is my most anticipated movies for the upcoming year. 15. Predestination

Ok, this film could be said to be a 2014 film as it was released in Australia in August. That being said, it doesn't come to American Theatres till 2015. With that out of the way, everything about this film, could be an enormously incredible punch of pure cinematic delight. From its brilliantly interesting story, to its fascinating cast, to even the delightfully eerie cinematography suggest this could be one for the ages. It also could be a huge pile of steaming dog$#!+. Only time will tell.


14. Trumbo

Bryan Cranston is Bryan Cranston (He is stupid awesome). If that is not enough, the whole idea of storytelling being rejected based off of bigotry, misinformation and biases is an incredibly interesting concept. Furthermore, you can't go wrong with a true life story of a legendary druglord (um, I mean screenwriter).


13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Untitled Christmas Project

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an enormous talent, in front and behind the camera. He is also more clever than some would think when it comes to humor. His casting of Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie for the project, make it all the more interesting. We could have a timeless classic Christmas movie on our hands. . . or just an average one. Let's hope it is the prior.


12. Ex-Machina

I have a fairly certain feeling this is going to be a really good film. The question though is whether it will be a great one. With Oscar Isaac, Domnhall Gleeson (underrated Star Wars buddies) up front and center, there is a real chance this could be a classic, evocative piece of philosophical cinema.


11. The Walk

This one could move up even higher on my list. As of now I'm trying to temper my expectation, as Robert Zemeckis - one of my favorite directors of all time - hasn't necessarily made a GREAT film in a while. That out of the way, my excitement is only escalating. Put one of my favorite directors with one of my more favorite actors, in a completely thrilling, and frightening scenario - and we might just have a recipe for complete and utter success.


10. Victor Frankenstein

After seeing James Mcavoy in Filth (Scottish Film) this year, I am desperate to see him brilliant once more. James McAvoy is one of the most underrated actors of our generation and he is only surrounded by great actors to compliment him in this quasi-interesting twist on a classic tale.


9. Rachet and Clank

If you have ever played Rachet and Clank  video games, you'll understand why I am excited for this film. The franchise is filled to the brim with clever dialogue, and beautifully bombastic weapons of blazingly bad@$$ design.


8. Jurassic World

This is going to be a true adventure epic, with some mind-boggling special effects to go along with it. It is only made a million, trillion times better that Chris Pratt is the main role. Bryce-Dallas Howard is also fantastic. Though more than that, this just looks like a good time at the movies.


7. Ant-Man

This is a Marvel film, duh. All the rest of their films have been, if not stellar, really entertaining. We should expect the same here. Plus, the most pleasantly beautiful woman in the world (though, not the hottest) Evangeline Lilly is in it, so that's a plus!


6. Joy

J-Law. Not much more needs to be said. I mean, Bradley Cooper is also great along with a legendary Robert De Niro, and David O. Russell is a very capable film-maker; but she is the real reason I'll be buying a ticket. This also could be the making of a modern day pairing (Cooper and Lawrence) that could rival Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. . .


5. Ithaca

Speaking of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, we have this project where we will see the beautiful return of this perfect pair working together. The story will not be entirely focused on them, as it probably should be. As long as it is a beautiful ride I'm in for it, especially if this could be the epic return of Meg Ryan to the silver screen, whether it is as a director (seen here), or/and an actor (also seen here). Let's hope it is both.


4. Avengers: Age of Ultron

A couple years ago this was my number one. I can't tell you why it has dropped, but it just has. That being said, holy cow! I am geeking out just looking at this picture from the film. The prospect of seeing Rhodey - Aka War Machine, Aka The Iron Patriot - working along the Avengers even momentarily is a nerdgasm all unto itself. The fact that Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch and a global catastrophe type of event is thrown in to the mix along with all of our favorite superheroes being there for the ride, only amplifies the geekiness.


3. Fantastic Four

When and how I became more excited for this over Avengers: Age of Ultron is a mystery all in itself. The fact still remains though, I am more uber excited for this than the prior superhero films I've been talking about. All the right names are attached to this project, whether it is Simon Kinberg penning the script, Josh Trank directing it, or the brilliant casting (yes, I said BRILLIANT) of Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan. Plus, a big plus at that, this stands a good chance of co-existing somehow with the X-Men universe. That right there gets my brain to explode with childlike giddiness.


2. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

How is this not number one? HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE?!?!? I, myself, even am having trouble reconciling that answer. I love Star Wars to death(star. . .). Furthermore, everything that has come out of this project has been brilliant, including that lightsaber. Take that haters! #stevencolbert. Everything may not be utterly perfect, and every once in a while I may have my doubts, but in J.J. Abrams I trust. He hasn't let me down thus far. Here's to a new hope of him bringing us the the Star Wars we all know and love.


1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Ever since the first movie, I have fallen head over heels in love with this film series. Part of that is Jennifer Lawrence, obviously, but most of it is because of the beautifully tragic and emotionally uplifting depth the story has had thus far. The real reason I decided to pursue writing was because of the first film. It may not have been a perfect movie, but it was a damn good story. I should expect the same with story here as well. The real question though, is whether can rise to the heights or even above what Catching Fire did as a film. I have a gut feeling it will. Thanks to everyone involved with this story. You have brought immeasurable joy into my life.






Honorable Mentions:

The Gambler (2014/2015??)


Bond 24


Mr. Right


Questionable/Possibly Great:


Jungle Book


Get Hard

Terminator Genisys

Hateful Eight

The Revenant



La La Land

A Bigger Splash

Triple Nine

The 9th life of Louis Drax

Kung Fu Panda 3

Black Mass

Inside Out

Assassins Creed

Furious 7


Pitch Perfect 2

Ted 2




Mad Max: Fury Road