Brandon's Corner: Viable Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theories Part 1 *SPOILERS*

In case you didn't see the title this will be filled with SPOILERS from Star Wars: Episode VII. If you have not seen the film and do not want it to be spoiled for you, turn back now.

The Internet has been riddled with so many ridiculous theories about The Force Awakens and speculation for what the future holds. Many of them are just plain downright ridiculous, and even worse cheap click bait. Nevertheless, as a lover of fan theories, I had to research all of them, and come to grips with what made sense and what didn't. After extensive research (days and weeks I'll never have back, stolen by the void of the internet), I have found the best theories that you should at least pay attention to for the time being. So without further adieu, I present part one, of my two part series on Viable Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theories. Enjoy!

Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis


Darth Plagueis The Wise was said to be a Sith so powerful in the Force he could manipulate it to create life or save people from dying. He was believed to have been killed by his Padawan (most likely Darth Sidious). There is also a well known theory that suggests that he manipulated the medi-chlorians to create the chosen one, Anakin. If he could manipulate life itself, what is to say he didn't come back and recreate himself into the image of Supreme Leader Snoke?  There is references in The Force Awakens calling him Wise (like Plagueis THE WISE), which could suggest something. However, Andy Serkis, the actor who provided the performance capture for Snoke is very clear when he says that the Supreme Leader is a completely original character. When it comes down to it, this theory is too clouded in the shroud of the dark side to have any form of certainty. Sure, it would be kind of cool, but not enough of casual Star Wars fans know of this character for this to be worth that much.

Plausibility: 5/10

Likelihood: 4/10

Emotional Impact: 6/10


Hidden Inside Luke's Island is the First Jedi Temple


Han Solo did say that Luke was rumored to have been looking for the First Jedi Temple. We also know that Skellig-Michael Island, where the end scenes were shot for The Force Awakens, does have some pretty intense landscape architecture. These signs could mean nothing, but what if it was more? What if his coordinates were more based on finding this precious temple, than actually finding him, knowing that inside there is an important secret that the galaxy is not ready for?  Furthermore, what is there to say that there isn't a couple of his padawan younglings that survived the Knights of Ren inside? Luke could have been training them until he knows he has enough force (no pun intended) to strike back. Many speculate that we will see Obi-Wan, Yoda, and/or Anakin's Force Ghosts on the Island. This could lead to many fascinating training moments with Rey in the eighth film, and provide only more depth to the Star Wars Lore without convoluting the overall plot.

Plausibility: 7/10

Likelihood: 4/10

Emotional Impact: 6/10


It Is No Coincidence that Lor San Tekka Decided to Retire on Jakku


The opening crawl of Force Awakens states "Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke’s whereabouts….", thus signifying that Lor San Tekka (played by Max Von Sydow) found his map there. The Star Wars: Force Awakens Visual Dictionary on the other hand seems to contradict this by saying he retired on Jakku. It is my personal belief he had the map all along. Luke told him to retire on Jakku to protect and look after Rey from a distance, much like Ben Kenobi did for Luke. When the time was right both R2-D2 and Lor San Tekka would reveal both sides of the map. From the outside perspective it would appear as if he discovered the map. This would carry weight and would make the plot of the Force Awakens make much more sense, instead of it appearing like happenstance.

Plausibility: 9/10

Likelihood: 9/10

Emotional Impact: 7/10


There is a Gravestone Right Next To Luke on the Island



During the four times I saw The Force Awakens I kept trying to figure out what it is that Luke is standing next to before turning to see Rey. Also how long was he standing there? (It's almost as if Kylo Ren froze him in that position). What is very likely is that he standing next to a hand made grave, a ritual he does everyday to recognize the fallen/his possible wife. I personally love this theory and it would make Luke seem a little less like a weirdo for standing for who knows how long in that eerie, existentially pondering position.

Plausibility: 9/10

Likelihood: 7/10

Emotional Impact: 8/10


Kylo Ren (aka Ben Solo) is a Double Agent

What if the only way Ben Solo knew he could take out Supreme Leader Snoke and save billions upon billions of lives was to gain his trust by joining the dark side, before taking him out? There is no evidence for or against Kylo having met Snoke in person before. The only way Ben Solo deemed it possible to kill him, and bring balance to the force was to do unspeakable things and lose himself to the dark side. This also could explain why he seems so torn in The Force Awakens, knowing the only way to meet Snoke and "finish his training" to defeat him, was to kill his father. Kylo clearly wants to finish what Vader started, which is probably his misinterpretation, but he could literally want to bring balance back to the force. The problem with this theory though, is after he kills his father he goes after Finn and Rey. Yes, he asks to train Rey, but that just appears to be the words of a conflicted individual who would love to place himself in another position of power.

Plausibility: 4/10

Likelihood: 2/10

Emotional Impact: 9/10


Rey Had Her Mind Wiped, But By Who?

This theory is almost universally accepted. There is parts of Rey's past that we don't know about and neither does she. She is beginning to unravel these parts of her past when she touches the ultimate Skywalker heirloom, Luke and Anakin's Lightsaber. More than likely, Luke mind wiped her (and maybe a couple of other people such as Han and Leia) before hiding her away on Jakku. Another theory suggests that Kylo mind wiped her when she was a child because he couldn't bring himself to kill her, possibly because she was a family member of sorts. He didn't want Snoke to know about it, so he hid her on Jakku, and altered her memory. He does seem to have a strong connection to this girl; and when told about a girl on Jakku helping escape with the map, he almost loses it, and immediately needs to know who she is. Either way, there is almost definitely bits and pieces of Rey's past she doesn't remember.

Plausibility 9/10

Likelihood 9/10

Emotional Impact 9/10


Encrypted on The Data Storage Unit in BB-8 is The Identity of Rey


Luke Skywalker had more than one secret. His whereabouts was one of them. The other was (almost definitely) the identity of a girl on Jakku. It would seem very plausible that he would encode that either into R2-D2 or give it to a trusted confidante, Lor San Tekka. This would immediately explain how Lor San Tekka knows so much, and how easily BB-8 is able to run into Rey. Yes, it could just be fate, but I would like to believe that there is more than one way to tell a story without destiny always being the answer. BB-8 could have figured out who Rey was, but knowing the significance of this information only edged her into the Resistance instead of flat out telling everyone who she was. He does seem very persistent to convince her to let him join her, when he is supposed to just get far away until Poe can find him. I know this one is a slight reach, but just imagine how intense it would be for everyone in the Resistance to suddenly figure out who this mystery girl is all at once after they decode the extra information.

Plausibility: 7/10

Likelihood: 5/10

Emotional Impact: 9.5/10



There are dozens and dozens of other theories I could have mentioned, but ultimately these are the ones I think these are the best for the time being. Let me know in the comments whether you think any of these theories are worth anything. I would like to think some of them are. Tune in next time, as we will discuss theories of who Rey is. I know for most people, including myself, that is THE QUESTION to think about.