Brandon's Corner: Top 10 Actor Choices to Play New Spider-Man

Spider-Man is awesometacular!!! You won't be able to convince me otherwise. Sure, some of the movies he has been in haven't panned out, but the guy is really freakin' compelling. He is quirky, smart, comical, friendly, dark, layered, relatable, cool, stupid, redeemable, ignorant, genius, stylish, creepy, and so darn lovable (among other adjectives.) That is why for the longest time he was my favorite superhero. So when I heard the news that he'd be swinging into Marvel's cinematic universe I had a nerdgasm beyond proportions. An explosion of ideas went off in my brain. I had to figure out who would be the best casting choice for the next Spider-Man. First things first with this list, these are all plausible suspects. That takes out Miles Teller, Ezra Miller,  Tye Sheridan, Grant Gustin, Nicholas Hault and Jack Gleeson immediately. Also, as much as I might want to have Tobey Maguire return for a triumphant two films, then kill him off for Miles Morales, I don't think that is going to happen. So without further adieu, here is the list!

dear-white-people-lionel-higgins-e1413954938539Honorable Mention: Tyler James Williams

This choice is based soley  on if they decide to go the Miles Morales route and have a black actor (Um, I mean African American. Sorry that I was racist. Or wait? Am I being racist for saying that I was racist? I don't know anymore. . .)  to play Spider-Man. This most likely isn't going to happen, and it probably shouldn't. Stick with Peter Parker to begin with, then we can go Miles Morales. That being said, if they decide to go that way, James is the ideal choice. Visual narratives from Go On, to Walking Dead, to Dear White People showcase that he deserves to be mentioned. He is quirky, likeable, smart and a very capable actor. I can see him in the suit already.



dc8adc154c30e2cde073ce1c4d747067-pwrt210. Jack O'Connell

While he is just as young as the actors on the list, he looks a little older than he is. This works against him. What doesn't work against him is his acting ability. Jack O'Connell is just as good if not better than everybody on this list in that department. He also can pull off someone athletic, evidenced by Starred Up, and Unbroken. The guy might not be the perfect casting, but at the end of the day, I could see where they are coming from if his name was called.



9ec8d8dbb03dd35c53211af11e73fea3 9. Robert Sheehan

There is a small population who even know who this guy is in America; but almost all who do, love him. The first and most obvious reason to cast him is he has already starred in a superpower visual narrative in the BBC "superhero" dramedy Misfits. His character Nathan is the comical smartass who is utterly ridiculous. This fit in well with Spidey. Furthermore, he definitely has the look of Peter Parker and Spider-Man.  When it comes to cons though, I have yet to see him fully pull off an American accent, being incredibly British. That being said, if he can pull it off (which I believe he can do with some work) I might even go as far as having him as my number one or two choice.




24f4m9cu6f_52utyzrcdt_file 8. Freddie Highmore

Often overlooked, Freddie Highmore is a bona fide talent. This has been shown from a young age. As an adult though, I'm not sure how he well he'd work as Spider-Man. I personally have never seen Bates Motel, but from everything I hear, he is really quite good in it. He could even be higher on this list, but my ignorance is keeping me from putting him higher.





49c8a240adfbc7. Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin screams quirky, smart and cute-but-not-supermodel-pretty. In a recent article I had him as my number one to play Nightcrawler in X-Men:Apocalypse. Why not Spidey? Anton has the talent for it. Everything I have seen him in whether it be Star Trek, Only Lovers Left Alive, and even Cinderella Story I have been impressed with. Fanboys unite, and let's have Pavel Chekof transition into our favorite web-slinger.






1411051507-1422527468_n6. Thomas Brodie-Sangster

I think I like Thomas Brodie-Sangster possibly more than he deserves. He just has this charisma on screen (eg. Game of Thrones, and Maze Runner) that makes all of his performances, for me personally, to be so immensely watchable. This on screen spark would fit in perfectly with the web-head. Then again, maybe he isn't quite that talented. I can't quite make up my mind. Either way, he is an intriguing choice, and is the ideal age for a younger looking Peter Parker.




ENDER'S GAME5. Asa Butterfield

Yes, he is young. Let's get that out of the way. Though that could be exactly what is working in his favor. If the studios are looking for some particularly young (someone who could pull off freshman in high school) Asa is the best choice. He is a rising star and from everything I have seen from him thus far, this is merited. The kid has shown that he can carry movies as a lead. From Enders Game, Hugo, and Rambow's Son, he has shown raw acting talent, even if the stories he is in aren't as good as his performances. This could be the furthering of a great career.


Josh-Hutcherson-Catching-Fire4. Josh Hutcherson

Out of everyone on the list I like Josh Hutcherson the most. He is also probably the the best actor too. He would make an undeniably great Peter Parker. The studio believes in him too as he previously was the first choice in the Amazing Spider-Man casting until Andrew Garfield took his place. The question though, is whether he has the look of the web head. Frankly, he is short and is a little too muscular. Part of this might be remedied with an intense diet. Hopefully this is the case.





3. Dylan O'Brien

Now we are getting to the big guns. Funny enough, these three names including Josh Hutcherson  were the first to pop into my mind couple months ago, when the idea came up of casting a new Spider-Man. Dylan O'Brien is probably the most spot on choice for casting a new age Spider-Man (Marvel Now). He just has the exact look. Dylan O'Brien is young enough, the right height and thin frame, dorky yet handsome, and the acting talent is obvious. He has also played a quirky geek in Teen Wolf and furthermore, well, there isn't a furthermore. All of the previous attributes alone are enough to get him this high.





NEmVptH0z3Igps_1_b2. Nat Wolff

Nat Wolff is such an unknown. Whenever I mention his name in a casual conversation, the person I am talking to will typically have the response of, "Who???".  He deserves to be taken more seriously. His performances speak for him: Stuck in Love - excellent,  Fault in our Stars - excellent, and Palo Alto - more than excellent! To put it simply, Nat Wolff is a rising talent with the acting chops to take the reins of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.  Furthermore, not only does he have acting ability, but the look as well. He has the lean and mean appearance of the web head as well as the man behind the mask, Peter Parker. Nat Wolff just has that friendly, and handsome disposition; but not too handsome to pull off being a dorky bookworm. I know he is an outside shot, but if he made the cut, I would definitely be more than happy.


logan-lerman-jpg1. Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman is Spider-Man. He might not be the best actor on this list, but he is dang near close. He doesn't quite have the look, but he is dang near close. He might not be best in any department, but he is the best choice. Everything I have seen Logan Lerman in - from Stuck in Love, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Fury - he has been so compelling. He shows potential for an Oscar contender later in his career. More than that, the innocence that he just exudes from his on screen personas is not only reminiscent of Peter Parker. That is Peter Parker! The question still might remain whether he can pull off the smart ass persona behind the mask. Well, that requires a little bit of faith - faith I'm willing to admit I have in the guy.