Brandon's Corner: Orange is the New Black: Season 2 Review *Spoiler Free*

Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 (20) Wallpaper*The last paragraph expresses short analysis for those who don't want to sit through the long read* I've been looking for something I could chew into, find flaws and be an ugly troll about. I guess this will work good as any. Though, I am not going to do that (not completely anyways). Some of you enjoy this show. In fact a lot of you do evidenced by the high ratings, and I can respect that. Everyone to their own taste. That being said, I have to be honest even if it means being a lone wolf in the process.

Unfortunately this show is filled with irredeemable flaws. How then did I finish the show when I only try to watch TV shows that I enjoy? Well, let's just say it makes decent background noise. Does that make it good? No. Twilight can be decent background noise, if you can gloss over countless flaws, while your doing something else. Plus, I used to care about Piper, as shocking as that now may be, and I wanted to see what she was in for next.

Let's be reasonable. There are some really good things about this season and the show in general. It showcases things in blatant, candid way that can be shockingly honest and a breath of fresh air at the same time. Some of the acting is also quite good. Then every once in a while the performances are really superb and there is glimmers of brilliance in the interaction between characters.

We can't overlook the flaws though. The greatest offence I can see isĀ  some of the laziest editing between sequences I have probably seen in television or all of cinema for that matter. Scenes will cut back and forth without warning or any good reason, showing past lives and back to the present without any real thought of connection or importance for that matter. Some of you will gloss over this and not noticing how incredibly ugly this is at times, but I can't ignore it. It is just plain stupid and shows a real lack of creativity on those involved in the editing room.

This feeds into having no real story or pacing in the show. I actually quit half way through because of this. In the end I continued on with with the encouragement of my sister, but I can't deny how boring it becomes in the middle, with horrendous pacing and scatterbrained storylines. The only real story could be said to be the chaos of Vee. This is just painfully frustrating and not in the love to hate type of way, but frustratingly annoying way.

There is also no one worth rooting for in the show. While it is bold to show flaws in every character (The Office did a great job of doing this), it is just plain idiotic from a show's perspective to make everyone almost irredeemably flawed. If you don't care about any of the characters, why continue watching?

Sure, I will say the first episode is great and the finale is honestly borderline awesome, but everything in between isn't worth watching. The shock value of some of it works great as junk food for those looking for that type of extreme storyline and some interesting caricatures. Though, don't go in looking for something great. This show isn't it. The first season was decent. This is just a downhill slide into a world I have no desire to revisit again.

My Personal Preference: 2/5

How Well It Was Made: 2/5