Brandon's Corner: Mad Max: Fury Road Review *Spoiler Free*

mad-max-fury-road-2015-movie-stills-wallpapehlr*The last paragraph expresses short analysis* I thought of doing a Tom Brady pun with him being, you know, MAD Max BRO; but I think I'll save that stupidity for a later. It's just too lovely of a day, for that crap.

In case you were wondering, Mad Max: Fury Road tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic stink-hole in Australia where there little to no water left, with an ungodly reverence for auto-mobiles and the dystopian leaders of society. Within this world is guy named Max. He's, you know, Mad bro. One day he becomes imprisoned in one of the worst areas and through circumstance is thrown into a whirlwind of an escape/adventure with a leader of the society that's gone rogue, played by the eminently gorgeous Charlize Theron.

I have to get this off my chest immediately. Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the most visually impressive things I have ever seen in my life. Some of it is not so much ridiculously entertaining, but mind-boggling in execution. "How the H-E-Double-Toothpicks did they film that?!",  is the appropriate response for wildly large chunks of the film. $#!+!!! WOW!!! What did I just see?! I can't help but rave. Sure, this is not a perfect film - even though it comes close - and I'll get to my issues with the film later. Though let's delve into that yet. Let's stay in this high of euphoric wonder and disbelief for what I just witnessed.

I had my doubts about the film. Sure, the visuals in the trailer looked great and I suspected the acting was great as well.  What I wasn't prepared for was how good they were. I thought I had seen all the film had to offer in the teasers and such. My preconception was that all the finer delicacies had been delivered to me prior to the film and that it was just a matter of rehashing them again. Boy, was I wrong! There is so much pure adrenaline and emotionally charged action in this visual wonder, that I am having issues even describing it.

The editors and cinematographers particularly are to blame as all of the scenes and shots bleed perfectly into each other (sometimes quite literally). Let's not also forget the ridiculously intricate attention to detail in the production design and CGI. Their is a gritty realism in Fury Road that is so refreshing considering many choose take the easier path where everything begins to look like a cartoon. This would all be for naught, if it didn't have the brilliant choreography to deliver some of the most entertaining sequences put to film. A lifetime of thought appears to be put into many of the scenes, as we are given a ride to remember. All of this adds up to an unparalleled, in-your-face, balls-to-to-the-wall, explosive extravaganza of pure joy.

mad-max-fury-hardy-tom.jpgAll of this is embellished by some fan-freakin'-tastic acting. This is spearheaded by Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron of course, but  Nicholas Hoult as well is particularly terrific. This is partially given to us from the script, but more so from the nuanced leads. They bring what could have easily been considered cheap caricatures to life as real, three-dimensional human beings. There is an intense grittiness and quiet intensity that differentiates Fury Road from similar films, which requires a level of subtlety many aren't able to deliver. I am more than glad to say that these three - as well as others I have left out of mentioning - were more than up for the task.

As for the story, it is nothing too special. The emotional weight is definitely there which I largely attribute to the actors and the beautiful score, but there is not much we haven't seen before. It is better than I expected though and carries the meat of the film along at a rapid pace. This pace largely makes for such a thrilling experience. Instead of dragging along as many films do nowadays, Mad Max: Fury Road rushes forward with such a do-or-die type of attitude that is so easy to get caught up in it.

The only issue that this pace has though that it at least in one important scene it glosses over important details concerning character development and believability. Everything in this instance is still acted supremely well, so it isn't too much of an issue. One just wishes they could have spent at least a minute or more to further believability. Believability, after all, is what keeps things grounded, so we can relate to the characters and their pursuits. Without it, it can be difficult to care.

This also extends to small parts later in the action where we might have to suspend our disbelief to levels that are just a little too extreme. Sure, you have to suspend your disbelief for pretty much any action film out there; but when things become literally physically impossible, I shake my head a little. Not to say, that the action isn't ridiculously fun. It is, obviously, as I have been raving about it. It could have just been grounded a little further in the grittiness which made this film so special to begin with.

When it is all said and done, Mad Max: Fury Road is a special breed of animal. Rarely as movie-goers are we given something so fun, yet so well constructed and beautiful. Fury Road is that type of film, as it dives face first into a world of utter wonder and bizarre, captivating visual spectacles. All of this is brought together by terrific acting, a great score, and some beautiful moments of quiet intensity which further the emotional kick and gravitas for scene after bloody scene. It is not perfect though. That being said, my gripes on believability in execution of storytelling and providing even more realism to later scenes will not apply to many of you. You will love this film regardless, just as I did and will continue to for a long time to come.

Personal Preference: 5/5

Critical Analysis: 4.5/5