Brandon's Corner: It Follows Review *Spoiler Free*

it-follows-cannes-2014-4*The last paragraph expresses short analysis* I'm guessing odds are, if you are an average American, you were expecting that I'd do a review for Furious 7. Sorry, that's not in my wheelhouse. As much as I love action packed extravaganzas (with depth that is), I have a special place in my heart for unheard of indie films with high ratings. That is why I saw It Follows in its place. Funny thing was is that when I went to go see the film, I was in the midst of an all out nerdgasm for Furious 7. Everyone was leaving the theatre as I made my way into this obscure piece of art.

So what's this film about, you might ask - getting scared! Ok, I know, that was a stupid response. Let's begin again. The beautiful Maika Monroe's character Jay is one day, on a charming date, dragged away against her will. Worse yet, she has an evil spirit implanted on her that will slowly stalk her everyday, until it kills her. This spirit can change shape and form, and it just will not give up. The only way to get rid of it is. . . well, maybe I've said too much. Let's just say that this an incredibly creepy film with a dark tone that follows you from beginning to end.

To be honest, I'm not typically one for horror films, as I was the kid who would have nightmares for weeks after seeing anything remotely scary. Times have changed, as you would expect, and I have grown an appreciation over the well constructed pieces of this art form. That doesn't mean I don't get scared $#!+less. I do. It's just to say that I was even a little surprised to find myself in a seat for this film. I love great rating though, and I have a growing admiration (adoration?) for Maika Monroe. She was previously on Guest, another not so well known indie horror hit, that came out last year. I had a blast with that film so I was kinda expecting the same here.

This one I had a much different experience with. Don't get me wrong, it is well put together. This is shown from the well acted and relatable performances, particularly from the ever likeable Keir Gilchrist who play the gentle love interest who has more resolve than you might think. Maika Monroe, our lead, as well has the emotive eyes and enough gravitas in the delivery of her lines to be a compelling character. We also can't forget the great cinematography, as the camera angles constantly tell you where to place your eyes to be scared, then all of the sudden terrifies you from somewhere you were least expecting. This is not even talking about the generally great pacing and tone which It Follows has in spades. Again, it's not that the film isn't well constructed; it's just creepy as hell. This means in It Follows case that it doesn't have time to be fun. It's too busy scaring the living daylights out of you.

Nevertheless, even if It Follows isn't really fun in any shape or form, it does still have its genre thrills. I can tell you that I have not been this scared from a film since the Conjuring. Yes, like almost all films of horror, It Follows isn't perfect. It occasionally missteps into clich├ęs and predictability, with a lack of reverence for physics; but that doesn't matter all that much. It Follows has a tone that that showers over you without mercy. The eerie, symphonic music and masterful camera angles are to blame, as you almost never know what to expect next. It's this not knowing that will kill you over and over again. I can guarantee that.

Personal Preference: 3.5/5

Critical Analysis: 4.25/5