Brandon's Corner: The Interview Review *Spoiler Free*

the-interview-seth-rogen-james-francosdf*The last paragraph expresses short analysis* Happy New Year! I still have a couple more films to watch before you'll get to see my top ten favorite films of the year. This week though, I've settled on the laborious chore of talking about this debacle. This entire situation was a $#!+storm. Sorrow was more on my mind for films like Pyongyang getting cancelled, than anything else. That being said, I had to see the movie. Something this culturally relevant, can't be overlooked, particularly for someone like me who reviews movies.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of whether the film is good or not, let's talk about this hairy mess. The fact that threats from an anonymous source can cause the cancellation of a film, even momentarily, is really quite sad. Steve Carrell said it best after his film, Pyongyang, was terminated, “Sad day for creative expression. #feareatsthesoul”.

That being said, a hint of me does agree with the opposite side, who agree that the film being cancelled was the right decision. I agree with this decision if the threats indeed were more serious than just idle threats and there were actual specifics that showcased a probability of terrorist attacks, instead of is unwarranted cowardice speculation. As of now though, it remains a mystery to all across the wondrous web.

Now on to the film. . . Ughhh! Just joking. It actually is not that bad. If you have seen previous Seth Rogen James Franco comedies, you know what you are getting into. I don't mean to sound like a copycat, as many are saying the same thing, but it is true. Comedy is comedy. It is all subjective. If you enjoy their previous dishes, you'll probably enjoy this one.

Now onto the question, whether it is a well made film. Yeah, it is well made, not overly of course; but it is not trying to be an awards contender. What it is trying to be is laugh out loud hilarious. Yes, I know, comedy. . . It is subjective. That being said, one can tell if something is clever or not, regardless if it is quote on quote funny to them. The first third of the film, succeeds on that front. This section of the film is quite simply brilliant. After that, it sadly drags a bit. It is never too much to want to walk out. It is just cheap humour, after excessively repeated jokes, after overly exaggerated facial expressions. Thankfully, the finale does bring in the reins a bit though, and the contrived and predictable scenarios are partially forgiven.

It is not the diamond in the rough that is the previous Seth Rogen written film, This Is The End, but it doesn't need to be. The brilliant premise of The Interview alone, is almost enough to get it by. What carries it, is Seth Rogen and James Franco's commitment to the funny bone. Even if they don't always score on that front, they at least gave it a go, and at least this film was released. . . because AMERICA!!!

Personal Preference: 3.5/5

Critical Analysis: 3.25/5