Brandon's Corner: Inside Out Review *Spoiler Free*

64212530-f670-0132-f3ef-0e18518aac2f*The last paragraph expresses short analysis* It took more than dinosaurs, dragons and White Walkers for me finally to write again. It took a little kiddie film. Also I have always been intrigued with what our souls look like, since I don't have one.

If you are new to the premise of this movie, let me explain what this explosion of creativity is about. There are small people inside a girl named Riley's head. No, really, there are tiny little people in her head - and everyone's head for that matter - who regulate her emotions and control her memories. As she goes throughout her life, they make sure her outlook on life is the best it possibly can be; while retaining and updating her personality. The five main people regulating these affairs are named Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. The whirlwind of an adventure begins with something drastic occurring in Riley's life.

As a reviewer, my primary concern is to just enjoy the movie when I go see it. Inside Out made this as about as easy as I could ask for. There's so much pure ecstatic energy and joy (pun not intended) in this triumph of creativity, that it is near impossible not to get wrapped up in it and leave with a smile on your face. Inside Out is the type of idea that would probably never pass in any other studio. Disney's Pixar, however, heralds creativity to the nth degree. Everyone who brought this script and film to life were smoking something good. The happy go lucky and bizarre and distorted world we get to see is a wonder to watch, regardless of what temperament you are. The clever writing extends to the analytical thinkers as well as to little kids who are just there for the fun time.

This has been, and probably will continue to be the case with Pixar. Their movies are for everyone, with their brilliant resume of The Toy Story Trilogy, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and many more. Sure, there is a black sheep in any franchise - I'm talking to you Cars films! - and some that were just merely decent with Brave, and Monsters University. That being said, their track record has been so above and beyond superb that it is difficult not to come back for more.

And you should come back for more, as this film will resonate with just about anyone; and if it doesn't, you should probably find a new soul. Ok, just kidding, but in all seriousness I have a difficult time trying to come up with reasons why people wouldn't enjoy this film. You just have to hate animation with a passion or abhor anything Disney, I guess.  Inside Out's overwhelmingly powerful pull of emotional energy of all kinds, particularly witty humor, should reach all audiences. It is dealing with concepts and tribulations in life that we can readily understand and the more abstract are more fun to dissect. I would be more specific, but most of the joy (pun again not intended) comes from seeing the film.

Sure, Inside Out might be a little formulaic and predictable, with a message that is slightly too simplified; but it doesn't really matter as there are such thick layers of joyous and cathartic emotions to compensate. This is all brought together by a story that is willing to be utterly hilarious by discussing issues a lesser kids film would normally have no business talking about. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention all of the terrific voice work talents, which are too numerous to count. All in all, Inside Out is a brilliant film that I can recommend anyone to go see. It may not be the next Toy Story, but what can be? That being said, watch out Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life, and WALL-E. You've got some new competition.

Personal Preference: 4.5/5

Critical Analysis: 4.5/5