Brandon's Corner: Game of Thrones: Season 4, Episode 8, The Mountain and The Viper Review *Spoilers*

themountainandtheviper-oberyn-630x419Just in case you didn't read the title, there is SPOILERS for last week's episode of Game of Thrones. Don't say I didn't tell you so. “YOU RAPED HER! YOU MURDERED HER! YOU KILLED HER CHILDREN!”

These words will echo in my mind for a long time to come. . .

Part of me knew it was coming, because wins rarely come wrapped tight with a bow in Game of Thrones. That being said, it hit me hard. How hard did it hit me you might ask? I'm not sure if I've ever been this physically and mentally shaken by television ever. My hands were literally shaking when the episode ended. To put it as best as I can, I was mortified.

This of course raise the question of whether this is on par with The Rains of Castamere, aka the Red Wedding. Surprisingly enough, this might have hit me harder than the Red Wedding. I cried during the Red Wedding, but I wasn't shaking afterwards. Oberyn's teeth knocked out! His eyes! His scream! The ugly confession! His wife's scream! The bloody mess! Then the aftermath! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!giphy

This is part of the reason that I love Game of Thrones, the unexpectedness and who's next mentality. It should also be mentioned how incredibly choreographed that fight sequence was. The Viper's moves were beyond cool while still remaining realistic. The suspension was also laid out phenomenally well and the music went along perfectly. With that out of the way, it still hurt like a bi-otch! Somewhere deep in Florin or Guilder, Inigo Montoya is crying.


However, with all respect to the late and great Oberyn Martell, we can't overlook Darth Sansa. The force of her character's presence is continuing to grow with each episode.

BpGh_5IIgAEoqUG The Grey Worm and Missandei show-mance also continues to be great. Now, if we could only figure out whether he has the pillar or the stones. . .

got s4e8 - grey worm And Jorah. . .ouch!Screenshot-4

In all seriousness, this episode leaves us with the greatest question of whether Tyrion will be saved unexpectedly or face certain death. Considering that George R.R. Marin wrote these books before he knew how much of a screen presence Peter Dinklage would have and that he has no problem killing off his characters, odds are not in Tyrion's favor.

It also raises some serious philosophical questions about the merits of revenge and getting what you came for. In Oberyn's case he needed death along with confession to be satisfied. Is revenge and getting what you came for really worth it if  your head is going to be crushed in like a grape? For me, it's a no. I would like to say I would go with forgiveness in place of revenge. Though, this is only hypothetical. I would probably do the same. Plus forgiveness extends only so far when someone continues to reek havoc and death in the world you live in. Maybe I would use a woman's weapon like poison to seek justice.

One can also go even further to say that this episode has thoughtful questions about murder at the hands of "morons" and darker forces. Is there greater meaning to these deaths or is it all for naught? I would like to think there is some greater implication, though for many of us it us it is Jaime Lannister response of, "I don't know.".

Now that we have two more incredible episodes left, there is only more speculation to be had. We can only wait and see if the Wildlings or anyone else will kill off some of our favorite characters in the upcoming episodes. In the words of a great man, “Inconceivable!”.


My Personal Preference (for the episode): Undecided

How well it was made: 5/5