Brandon's Corner: The Future of Marvel's Female Superheroes

Originally this article was going to be “The Fate of Marvel”. As I had no idea where to start on that indescribably large topic, I ended up on this subject instead. Women are more easy to understand and diagnose than that. Ok, pretend I didn't say that. In all honesty, female warriors are a rare thing, and when they're done well they're even more rare. Marvel superheroines from everything I have seen and read have a depth uncommon in other female protagonists. This is one of the many reasons that I am excited looking forward into this universe. That, and well, they're freakin' hot! Ok, that's not the main thing. . . To start with I am going to be talking about heroines we haven't seen on screen yet, so this excludes Black Widow, Gamora, Agent Carter etc. We will be discussing what we haven't yet experienced completely. Most of this will be speculation, of course, but some already have been cast or starred in trailers. Small, and insignificant spoilers follow if you haven't watched all the films and TV shows.

Avengers-2-Scarlet-Witch-645x370Scarlett Witch

Who She Is: Wanda Maximoff, known as Scarlett Witch, has been in the comic books for quite some time in the X-Men, then primarily the Avengers . It is not until now that she  will be making her appearance in film with the upcoming blockbuster extravaganza, Avengers: Age of Ultron, with her twin brother Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver). They are Magneto's (X-Men villain) estranged children in the comic books. Though, seeing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not allowed to reference Magneto do to complicated legal entanglements with Fox who own the right to the X-Men, this most likely won't be the case.

Power Set: Her power set is one that has baffled not only the casual nerd, but even hard core comic book fans. The best way I can explain it without overcomplicating it, is that she shoots “hexes” out of her hands that. . . well, I really don't understand. Let's just say that she has “magical powers”, that depending on the writer can cause a multitude of effects from power surges of devastation, to telekinesis, to having the ability to eliminate all of the X-Men's powers all at once.

Her Future: Odds are she is going to a replacement for a dead Avenger down the road and will be part of the team for many years to come as she has in the comics. I also wouldn't be surprised if she develops an intimate relationship with the superhero robot Vision - something she has done in the comics - who is said to be seen in the upcoming Age of Ultron.

ant-man-hope-van-dyne-evangline-lily-e1420648264213-600x300Hope Van Dyne (aka Hope Pym)

Who She Is: She is going to star in Ant-Man this summer played by Evangeline Lilly. Besides that, not many people including comic book geeks even know that much about her. She is side character named the Red Queen seen in an alternate universe for a couple issues. It is known that she the daughter of the Scientist Hank Pym and likely will be the love interest for Ant-Man's lead Scott Lang.

Her Power Set: She might not have any powers, so maybe she doesn't deserve to be on the list, but there is a very good chance that she is going to inherent Wasp's identity and powers from the comics. Wasp has the ability to shrink herself, fly, and shoot beams of energy out of her hands called stingers to disable her opponents

Her Future: Hope Van Dyne might not be a future Avenger for a long time. The end of Infinity War might hold the answer to that question. As for now, just expect her to be a major player in the Ant-Man film, with a strong possibility of her falling in love with the lead of the movie, Scott Lang played by Paul Rudd.

agents_of_s.h.i.e.l.d_un_nouveau_trailer_explosifSkye (aka Daisy Johnson, aka Quake)

Who She Is: While it is true that she has been in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show, making it appear as if she should be excluded from this list, it is not until now that she could even be considered a superhero until the end of season two. It is from there that we discovered that is the daughter of Calvin Zabo ("Mr Hyde") who is not only an Inhuman, but bat$#!+ crazy as well.

Her Power Set: Being immersed in the Terrigen Mist's of the Inhumans has given her the ability to create earthquakes and seismic shields. She is also a very skilled hand to hand combatant, evidenced by the show; as well as having genius level ability in hacking, general computer skills, and espionage.

Her Future: Expect her to be a huge player in future Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes, duh! Though she could have a small role in Captain America: Civil War film as a background hero to supplement one of the sides. There is also a possibility of her popping up in the Inhumans film as her father has a strong connection to them.

jessica-jones-ritter-krysten-ritter-talks-jessica-jones-and-working-with-strong-womenJessica Jones (aka Power Woman)

Who She Is: She is the love interest to Luke Cage (aka Power Man), and will be played by Jessica Ritter who will be shown on Netflix this year at an undetermined date. Though, she is definitely more than a love interest. Jessica Jones from everything I've seen and read, is quite a fascinating character. She's a strong, independent, no-nonsense type of woman who has this intense vulnerability, damaged past and complicated life after having a child with Luke Cage.

Her Power Set: She can fly and she's really strong. Not much more needs to be said.

Her Future: After her show debuts on Netflix, she'll be part of the ensemble group mini series The Defenders. After that, who knows. Though, I have a strong suspicion as - I do with most of these characters - that they will show up in the Civil War storyline. She likely won't be an Avenger (although there is the possibility of her and Luke Cage starting the New Avengers with Spider-Man way down the line), but she'll likely just stay as a fascinating side character in Marvel's lore.

blunt-marvel-630x420brielarsonCaptain Marvel (aka Ms. Marvel)

Who She Is: Captain Marvel is definitely one of the lesser known main superheroes in the Marvel Universe. She is a strong, beautiful, military women who has real personal issues. In the comics she struggles with alcohol and abandonment and difficulty of being a leader of the Avengers.

Her Power Set: She inherited the powers of a Kree leader in an explosion leading her to having the ability to fly, absorb energy blasts, form force fields, and shoot energy bursts out of her hands.

Her Future: She is going to be an Avenger, you can count on that. She is going to have multiple films and influence the way we look at women leads, being the first female lead to come out of the Marvel Studios.  Furthermore, she is likely to have adventures in space, as she has had in the comics. This means Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans as well as her probably being in the middle of an inevitable  all out war between the Kree and the Skrull, the two of the main alien species in the lore.

Who Should Play Her: The main reason I started writing this article is that I wanted to start a petition for Brie Larson (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, 22 Jump Street, Short Term 12) being cast as Captain Marvel. She is such an enormous talent. Many people don't even know who she is, which is such a shame. She almost landed the role of Sarah Conner in the Terminator reboot, showing that she is ready for the big time. Though more than this, I am simply tired of gorgeous supermodels being cast as superheroines. Can't we simply have the girl next door, who also happens to be pretty, but not obnoxiously so. Plus, she is young enough to last for a heck of a long time in the role. Yes, Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain would also be great; but it is Brie Larson that really has my heart.


Who She Is: She is the queen of the Inhumans, the genetically enhanced alien race with variable superpowers. Her husband is Black Bolt, the king of their race and key character in the Marvel Comics.

Her Power Set: While having enhanced senses and physical abilities, she can control her hair (yes, I said her hair) to do just about anything. Her hair is super powerful, having the tensile strength of steel and can use that as a blockade and to throw about enemies at will.

Her Future: The Inhumans exist in space and there movie is not coming out till 2019 after the first part of the Infinity War. It is very plausible that they will be key in becoming the turning point in the war against Thanos. Medusa will be at the forefront of this, being the vocal leader of their society.

Who Should Play Her: Emily Blunt has deserved to play a Marvel superhero for quite some time. Originally she was going to play Black Widow, until her contract with Gulliver's Travels wouldn't let her do so. Ever since then, fans have been clamouring to get her in another role, and for good reason. She is such a fantastic actress. That is first and foremost why she would be a great Medusa. Of course, she is insanely beautiful, but that is not her fault. I want some one who can act supremely well and can kick @$$.  She can do that!



Who She Is: She is an Inhuman and the sister of the queen Medusa. Later on in the comics she marries Quicksilver and has a child named Luna who has an important role in the X-Men. Though, that's Fox, so you can forget about the kid.

Her Power Set: She can control the four traditional "elements", earth, water, fire, and wind. She can combine them to devastating effects, such as using them to create earthquakes and tornadoes and just about whatever you think of with them to a reasonable degree.

Her Future: Obviously she is going to be in the Inhumans. Who knows if she will have a relationship with Quicksilver in the comics, but that possibility is certainly not far-fetched. I would also suspect that her role is going to be minor, so don't expect a huge story arc. Heck, Marvel could cut her from the picture all together, though I doubt this will be the case.

Who Should Play Her: A talent I had forgot about till now is Oscar Nominated Saoirse Ronan. I have not seen much of the Actress, but the little I have (Atonement, The Grand Budapest Hotel), she has been excellent. She also would be young enough for the role when it comes out, and she already has had Marvel looking at her, as she was one of the main candidates to play Scarlett Witch before Elizabeth Olson took her place. Furthermore, she has an uncanny resemblance to Emily Blunt, so the two definitely could pull off playing sisters. What more could you ask for?

What I Didn't Talk About

There is a thousands of things I could have talked about. There is other superheroines that might be awesome later on such as She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, and all the female members of the Runaways and Avengers Academy. There is also plenty more actresses I would like to see that I didn't mention. Tilda Swinton could play a phenomenal villian. Sarah Gadon is a rising talent who could play anyone. Furthermore, were not even talking about non-superhero love interests. Emma Watson and Shailene Woodley both would make a great Mary Jane Watson. I could go on and on, but that would be too exhausting.  You, dear readers, can do the rest of the speculation for me. Have a great rest of your Sunday and enjoy all the pointless nerdgasms to come.