Brandon's Corner: My Top 10 Favorite Actors/Actresses

Once I see an amazing movie, I'll let you know. As for now, I got to remind myself why I love cinema so much.  One of the many reasons is (wait for it. . .) the actors and actresses. A great actor/actress can transcend the screen to touch you deeply and personally. Of course it helps if there is great directing and all the other essentials of the film making process. That being said, there is some characters and people that can't help but resonate with you regardless of the music, cinematography, editing and all that jazz. It is because of actors and actresses like this, that pushes me to see more and more. Though greater than this, I simply love some of these people as human beings and desperately want to see them succeed. It should be known this list is for actors/actresses still working. Furthermore, if it already isn't clear, this is all personal preference. So just because there is plenty of more talented actors, I simply love these people more. You're list will probably be drastically different that mine. Feel free to let me know what yours are as well.


3b66fa3a45624bf37ff98ca4e5cee4b710. Josh Hutcherson

The guy might not be as skilled as everybody else on the list (not yet anyway), but he is so freakin' charismatic and likeable. If I were to pick just one celebrity friend to have forever, odds are it would be him. Every interview to every encounter he is so authentic and hilarious that it is almost impossible not to like him. It only helps that he is insanely good at playing the empathetic good guy. Maybe his talent  doesn't extend farther than that, but Mockingjay - Part 1 suggests different. I hope his career only continues to blossom.

Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. The Hunger Games Saga; 2. Bridge to Terabithia; 3. Escobar: Paradise Lost

9729. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan hasn't existed in Hollywood in a prevalent role for a heck of a long time. When she did though, she was the queen of playing the ideal mate. She has such undeniable charm and acting chops that one can't help but fall in love with her characters.  It is this overwhelmingly lovable nature that gets her on the list, even if she has disappeared from the cinematic landscape. My hope is that Ithaca - the film she is starring and directing this year with her pal Tom Hanks - will be the great comeback she deserves.

Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. Joe Versus The Volcano; 2. You've Got Mail; 3. When Harry Met Sally

Jared-Leto-new-photos-jared-leto-28296841-500-3958. Jared Leto

Jared Leto was definitely someone who was out of my radar till little more than a year ago. Now, I've had to see everyone of his best performances. He is such a bona fide, phenomenal  talent. Though, more than that, he is great human being with a generous heart. His dedication to great art, makes him all the more interesting. He doesn't hone in half-assed performances for the pay check. He gives everything and more. That is why Jared Leto as the Joker is going to be one of the most terrifyingly beautiful things we'll perhaps ever see in cinema.

 Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. Mr. Nobody; 2. Fight Club; 3. Dallas Buyers Club




8_5279ec70c8b3f7. Sam Rockwell

This is such an underrated talent. Sam Rockwell is capable of playing just about any character. He can pull off the complete goofball as good as anyone I've seen, and pull off heart breaking depth just as well. The problem is that he is just too different, quirky, and not the right build for the lackluster, Hollywood lead. That means not enough of his characters on screen. When he is on screen though, he is dynamite. I can only hope to see more of his artistic flair in the future.

Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. Iron Man 2; 2. Moon; 3. Seven Psychopaths 




15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL has more skill and potential in front and behind the screen than most could ever hope to have in their life. He also been in the business longer that some people in their fifties, participating in Hollywood since he was a youngster starring in such films as A River Runs Through It, and Angels in the Outfield. He deserves more recognition than he gets. I can only hope he lands a big budget blockbuster role in the future. Heck, he's been ridiculously close as he been in contention for three major lead Marvel movie roles, from Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange. Make it happen Marvel!

Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. The Dark Knight Rises; 2. Brick; 3. Inception; 


Bryan-Cranston-Lex-Luthor5. Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston can play opposites about as good as anyone on planet earth. Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad - need I say more! It roles like these that show that he can play the quirky, ridiculous, and absurd to a tee; as well as the overwhelming emotional, vindictive, and desperate. Obviously I'm not the only one to see this as he is one of the most decorated modern actor in multiple platforms. He has already won four emmys and a golden globe for  Television and a Tony for Stage. The last platform he is going to conquer is film (at least for awards anyways). You can probably bet that will come soon enough.

Top 3 Favorite Visual Narratives:

1. Breaking Bad; 2. Malcolm in the Middle; 3. Godzilla 


at the four season beverly hotel4. James McAvoy

James McAvoy has possibly the best performance from an actor I have ever seen in my life in Filth. It is this talent that  forces me to see all of his films. He is just always so overwhelmingly compelling in every role. It is this captivating nature that makes him so dang enjoyable to see on screen. Whatever he is in I can't help root for him one hundred percent. He is also a mature, kind-hearted goofball off screen which only furthers my appreciation of this tour-de-force talent.

Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. X-Men Days of Future Past; 2. Atonement; 3. Becoming Jane



7b424b7c9b0353b88d578d846cd9212fkjlhh3. Brie Larson

Many people don't even know who she is, which is a shame. If you haven't seen Short Term 12 and you are a film buff, you're missing out. She has  more emotional depth in two of her fingers than most people have in their entire bodies. More than that, she is just so darn loveable. I wouldn't be lying if I said I have a small crush on her. That is not why she makes the list though. She makes the list because she is a genuine talent that no one know about. I have special place in my heart for all the underrated/unrecognised actors.

Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. Short Term 12, 2. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World; 3. Spectacular Now






2. Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law. . . where do I start. . . I love you with will my heart.  J-Law is Love. J-Law is Life. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating (I'm not!). In all honesty, I love great talent and I love great personalities. She has that in spades. Furthermore, Hunger Games is the reason I wanted to start to writing in the first place. Those things combine to get her this far. As for now though, number one is just out of reach.

Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. The Hunger Games Saga; 2. X-Men: Days of Future Past; 3. Silver Linings Playbook 




tom-hanks-500x3311. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has been and probably will always be my favorite actor. No actor even comes close to being in more films that I love which are too numerous to name in this paragraph. There is just something about being the best actor in the world and the nicest guy in the world simultaneously that I like, you know, just a little bit.  Ok, a debate might be there for best actor. Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Christian Bale should be in the discussion and possibly Pacino and Deniro in their heyday. What is undeniable though is how nice of a guy Tom Hanks is.  The way he interacts with his fans, talks to the press, and gives so generously everyday are a small glimpse into how ridiculously awesome this guy is. Thanks for all the childhood memories of great performances.

Top 3 Favorite Films:

1. Forrest Gump; 2. Joe Versus The Volcano; 3. Cast Away



Honorable Mentions:

Chris Pratt

Tilda Swinton

Miles Teller

Emma Stone

Ryan Stiles

Colin Mochrie

Steve Carell

Hugh Jackman

Evangeline Lilly

Tobey Maguire

Benedict Cumberbatch

Furthermore, it should also be noted that Jimmy Stewart would have been on the list if he was still on planet earth.