Brandon's Corner: Alan Partridge Review *Spoiler Free*

53da2fefca845ba9eb6ec2b91537f0f9*The last paragraph expresses short analysis for those who don't want to sit through the long read* Oh no, I guess I'll have to give another speech about the merits of comedy and how it is all incredibly subjective.

Maybe another time. . .

That's what she said! Yeah, I went there.

The character Alan Partridge doesn't have time for discussions of comedy. He is too busy being a delightfully stupid, lovably narcissistic, cleverly written jerk. He is the end all be all of the film's plot which follows him, a talk show music radio host. One day he comes to find that a fellow employee, who calls him friend, has snapped and decided to take all the other employees hostage at gun point. From then on, it is up to Alan Partridge to save the day.

To be honest, I didn't really know what I was getting into when I started watching the film besides that it was comedy with relatively high ratings. I wasn't prepared to laugh as many times as I did. This is the excellence of the film and what elevates it from just another good movie, to something one could watch over and over again. The humor in the film is nearly perfection. Steve Coogan plays a character, in the vein of The Office's Michael Scott or Anchorman's Ron Burgundy, that is so incredibly well written and acted. Practical every other sentence out of his mouth brings a smile to my face.

Though, it of course isn't a perfect film. Many breather parts of the film can be bloated and overextend themselves. Though, the initial impact of such hard-hitting humor is still there to tide you through any rough spots. Many times the films also starts to feel like a series of gags than an actual seamless story, which really ties into its lack of real pacing. Believability starts to wear off at points as well, but these things mostly can be forgiven considering how many laughs there are in the first place.

Every once in a while you come across a film that gets you to laugh so many times that you lose count. Alan Partridge is that movie. Filled with such intelligent quick paced gags and rapid fire humor that keep you on your feet, one can sometimes miss how funny this film actually is. Let me be clear, this is laugh out loud hilarious with the most clever dialogue I have seen since The Office.

My Personal Preference: 4.5/5

How Well It Was Made: 4/5