Brandon's Corner: My 5 Favorite TV Shows of 2014

You know, originally I wasn't going to put out an article this week, as I wanted to invest all my time with my nearest and dearest. However, now as all have gone to sleep this Christmas Eve and as I find myself snuggled under the glowing Christmas tree with my laptop, I can't help but share joy. This time this joy comes in the form of TV Shows. This has been a great year for television. I primarily watch movies, but even the little amount of TV shows I've caught a glimpse of, have been – if not great – really quite good. There is five though (out of the 20-30 I have probably seen), that simply rise above the rest when it comes to my personal enjoyment. The hours spent on these TV series were precious and allowed me to fully appreciate life even more. So with that in mind, let's narrow 'em down. true-detective-finale5. True Detective

This one barely made it onto the list, as it has incredibly slow pacing, and I personally enjoy a quicker paced jaunt. It's the finale though that fully convinced me to put it on the list. The character development and fleshing out of motives is possibly better than any TV show I have seen this year. Matthew McConaughey and Woodey Harrelson together was the best combination one could ever ask for (except for Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad of course). Their beautiful chemistry and brain-exposively good dialogue is what made this show. It may not be one of those things I'll ever watch again, but for what it was, it was absolutely beautiful.






Community 5x02 - Introduction to Teaching - Danny Pudifsda4. Community: Season 5

This one might be a little bit of a cheat as the episodes started airing in 2013, but it closed up in 2014. So yeah, it made the list! Abed to Troy to every last one of the darling characters at Greendale Community College are so offbeat and so far from reality (yet staying within logical reason) make this show special. Their quirky character interaction only enhance the off-center humour and genre defying, meta/self-referential style of each episode. Every week, you know you're in for a different ride, and every week I knew I had something to look forward to, to put a smile on my face.






sherlock-season-3-episode-2-watch-online3. Sherlock: Season 3

A couple years ago, this might have been number one; but two had to take its place in this superb year of television. Sherlock truly is some of the more intelligent television that exists now, if not ever. The way the show creators magnificently are able to fully display how our “hero's” mind works is beyond fascinating to watch, particularly for some one like me who will spend days at a time alone, lost in the rhythm of my head. It is only made a million, billion times better that the two leads of the show, Watson and Sherlock, are played by some of most talented actors working today period: Martin Freeman and Egg Benedict Cumberbuns. So, yep. . . This is a brilliant show. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It appeals to wide demographic, not just me (evidenced by its insanely high rating on IMDb).



game-of-thrones-the-mountain-and-the-viper1. Game of Thrones: Season 4

Yes, I know this is a cheat. I know it. I know, I know, I know. That being said, it had to come to this. After long hours trying to think of which two final shows I enjoyed more, I can't give you an answer. Both deserve number one. Let's begin with the one you probably have heard me talk about the most though. Game of Thrones is a bloody good show (bloody bleepin' pun intended). The world building in this universe is beyond magnificent. George R.R. Martin has developed an indescribably vast universe and filled it with suspense and beauty and all the parts necessary for a completely compelling story. It would not be right to not also give props to David Benioff and D.W. Weiss for their realization of the world and all the bloody good actors filling in for the many moving parts of this ever shifting game board. I thank you. What you have been a part of, is quite simply addicting (in the best sense of the word).




the-leftovers-finale-2-540x360kjl h1. The Leftovers

The Leftovers may not be the best piece of television to come along. It may be slow. Answers to questions may never come. The dark tone may feel a little overbearing, but when this show is brilliant, it is above and beyond anything I can even fully describe. The emotional resonance and catharsis of this luminescently beautiful show has at the end, transcends to almost an ethereal, unworldly reaction. Some of you might not have this response to The Leftover, and I can respect that. But for me, personally, it was one of the most spiritually and mentally fulfilling things I have ever seen in television, and one of the more brilliant things I have ever seen period. And on that note, I would like to extend to you all a Merry Christmas. God Bless.