5 Niche Games That Would Greatly Benefit from HD Remasters

With the gaggle of HD remakes coming out here lately it got me thinking. All of the HD remakes that have come out lately are all of super popular titles. I understand that making games is work but it isn't nearly as difficult to port an old game to a new system and get to rake in the dough all over again. I've played many games that were popular amongst the group of friends that I hung out with and I thought that many of these games could benefit from a fresh new coat of paint and being available to the gaming mainstream. So to prove I'm not always angry about something, here is my list of 5 niche titles that would greatly benefit from HD remasters!

5. Legend of Dragoon


I'll admit, I never finished this one. Hell, I never even made it off of the first disc. This game is very long and even by the standards of today was not very pretty (let's face it, not many of them were aside from the FMVs that were put into many titles back in the day).

With the amazing dragoon transformations in this game and full voice-acting, I believe that this game would be a hell of a lot less of a chore to slag through with some smoother edges and new wallpaper. It's one of the more well known RPGs in the states that was developed in Japan, so if the voice actors are right I think it would be worth the money for Sony to tart this one up.

4. Legend of Legaia


A classic game among my friends, Legend of Legaia seamlessly blended an epic save-the-world story that spanned a continent and standard RPG fare equipment building with a battle system I haven't seen before or since. Above, you'll see an example of that style that fighting style that blends your "hit-hit-potion" style of turn-based combat with inputting combo commands. It's basically an RPG mixed with a fighting game. When you put all that together you get one hell of a game that with some new wallpaper could revolutionize the blah of the standard JRPG.

3. Xenogears


As you can see from my review of Mobie Suit Gundam: Crossfire, graphics have come a long way. Xenogears was a cult classic among JRPG fans of the day that Square (now with a "-Enix) largely sold on the success of Final Fantasy VII. Even just by the level of detail that went into a PS3 launch title, imagine how great the Gund...er...Gears in this game would look by today's standard. Absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous, it's maddening!

2. Brave Fencer Musashi


Another title from the Square backlog, this game remains a cult classic as well. Taking the story of a would-be hero summoned to a realm to fix the kingdom's problems, Brave Fencer Musashi blended a great story of a reluctant anti-hero with large environments and awesome platforming and action gameplay. Games that would come later like Devil May Cry and God of War, in my mind, owe a lot to Brave Fencer Musashi, and I would spend $100 easy on an HD remake of this game. The music alone is worth it.

1. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus


The black sheep of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is...well just that. Many (myself included) clamored to play a game as the dark and broody bad ass Vincent Valentine. To many, this game failed to deliver that experience. Even the small bit I have played of it I can recognize the criticisms with the game's lack of difficulty and clunky gun controls. Square-Enix seems pretty hell-bent on selling games they've already sold before, so since this is a PS2 era game, why not fix up the game's controls, smooth out the edges a little bit, and bundle this with the PSP console mover Crisis Core?

Hey Square, that one along with my remake Final Fantasy VII ideas are free. Want more, gimme a call.