20 Things to Avoid to be a Conscientious Driver Parts 7 & 8

I apologize for the lack of this series last week, I have recently started a new job, and it has monopolized my time pretty thoroughly.  However, I didn't get any complaints, so we mush forward with the series!  Here is part 7 and 8, two very important points. 7. Tailgating.

There is a huge difference between showing the person in front of you that they are going too slow, and being intentionally dangerous. The safe distance between you and the next car ahead is 5 seconds. Though, with how very frequently this isn't followed, I get the feeling that no one has any idea how to actually measure that, or what it means. Being 5 seconds behind a person means you are far enough back that the time it takes for an object at rest to go from the rear bumper of the car ahead to the front bumper of your car is 5 whole seconds. Try that next time you are on the road. You will be shocked at how far away that actually is. It measures out to be more than three car lengths distance at freeway speeds (60MPH is roughly 35ft). The exact amount of time varies from state to state as far as law goes, however as far as the combination of physics and reaction times of people, never ever go any shorter than 5 seconds.

8. Cell phones and driving.

Well, here's a hotly debated topic. Cell phones, and their usage during the operation of a vehicle. Did you know that only roughly 1% of the entire population of the planet can successfully multi task while operating a vehicle. Those are the same extremely few types of people that become fighter pilots. Not every person is born with the mental acuity it takes to be that many places at once, hell, barely any at all. It's not something you learn to do without very severe structured training and discipline. So, do not ever try to convince me that you can do it safely because it is far more statistically probable that you are full of both yourself and shit, than actually capable. Even I won't claim to be that good, nor will I deny ever having broken this particular law.

This does not extend just to physically holding your phone, or looking at your screen. Hands free options are just as distracting as not. It is scientifically proven that having a conversation with someone who is not physically in the car with you is just as distracting no matter how you happen to be talking to them. The person cannot sense the subtle nuance of when to shut the fuck up and let you focus because they aren't there to see it. You ever wonder why on buses you aren't supposed to talk to the driver? It's not just because they hate you, it's also because they won't lose their focus because you won't stop yammering.

Simple solution. Do not using your cell phone while operating a vehicle. Ever. No excuses. If it's an emergency, pull the-heavenly-powerful-amount-of-fuck over.