20 Things to Avoid to be a Conscientious Driver Part 3

I am writing this intro very shortly after experiencing a few of the most grievous violations of this law.  It puts it fresh in my mind as to why it is important.  When you witness an old, red Dodge Durango almost flatten a small group of elementary school children, because she was speeding through a school zone, it puts an infuriating taste in my mouth.  Of the many different topics on this list, this one rings pretty strongly for me.

3. Not following speed limits, or the flow of traffic


You might jump right into assuming I speak directly about speeders here. However, that isn't true. I direct this to both over speeders and "slow drivers". Both pose near equal hazard on the road. This section is less about the letter of the law, but more about using the intelligent side of your brain on the road.

I will cover the easy one. If you feel you need to go over 10MPH faster than the speed limit on any given road, do the world a favor and cut your license up, sell your car, and slap yourself as hard as you can twenty times. There is no reason, aside from life threatening emergencies, that you should ever need to go that fast.  This is especially true in school zones, by parks, libraries, and hospitals.  Places where there are people, and children, that may not have the senses yet to avoid walking out into traffic.  I doubt any sane person has ever thought about what it would feel like to murder someone, but speeding through a school zone and killing a child would be exactly that.  It may not be premeditated murder, sure, but it damn well is murder.  Children, by nature, are chaotic.  They make extreme and, a lot of times, irrational decisions.  When to cross the road?  Well now of course!  People will argue that high schools shouldn't apply to the "school zoned" areas.  While I agree, kids that age should be smart enough to know better, they are teenagers after all, they're still morons more often than not.  They know just enough about the law to know that you have to stop for them, but not enough about pain and physics to understand that, if that car hits them, they will learn a whole new realm of pain, and likely die.  Don't be the cause of someone's death, slow it down, speeding in no way gets you there so much faster that it's worth risking people's lives over.

Slow drivers? You're also doing it wrong, and causing a danger to those of us who drive correctly. Take the words speed limit from the signs, and take off the word limit (which a lot of states have actually done so), because that number posted on the sign is the speed you had better be going. Everyone else is going the correct speed, and you're just selfishly slowing everyone down. Not only is there that blatant inconvenience to others around you, that you have decided you have the right to impose on others, but you are also a huge hazard. If I am behind a big truck, who's profile blocks a bit of that lane, time for me to switch lanes. Well, just so happens you were putting around under the speed limit and I didn't see the big truck passing you and now I'm rear ending you and it's your fault. Wait, did you read that right? Did I just say it was your fault for me rear ending you? Yes, you certainly did. You are going slower than the flow of traffic, and that is incorrect. Period. Now, of course, there are situations here that would warrant a slow down, if you were in the motions to turn and was slowing down for that. However, if a big rig is passing you, and you're not turning, you're going too slow.

So, slow it down, or speed it up, don't take it to one extreme or the other.  Neither way is any bit safer than the other.  Safe driving is a lot cooler than being paralyzed or dead.  No one looks cool after dying in a fiery car wreck.  Not a single person.

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