20 Things to Avoid to be a Conscientious Driver Part 1

Due to my lack of time as of late, I have not been able to provide a full rant on a singular topic. Luckily, our head admin has just as much if not more rage in his eccentric brain. This may not be geeky but it is something everyone can certainly relate to.

We live in a fairly large town. It's not a big city but it has it's share of asshole drivers with little to no regard of the the fact that other people also inhabit this planet.

Below, you will find Andrew's first part of his new weekly guest spot on WARNING: INCOMING RANT that will be released each Tuesday for a while. Read on and enjoy!

- M


When I decided to write this, I knew it would most definitely ruffle a few feathers.  However, I truly believe it needs to be said, and, moreover, I believe it needs to be read.  Each one of us out there has dealt with, or deals with, this kind of issue.  I believe in the resolution of it so strongly that I have given serious thought to starting a public safety campaign to help alleviate the issue.  It is most assuredly a hazard to public safety, but it is also something that each one of us, each day, can help stop.  It’s not like the eternal struggle to find a cure for a seemingly incurable disease, it is helping fix the human condition.  I suffer from what’s known as a Borderline Personality Disorder, which in effect ruins near every interpersonal relationship I could ever have.  However, despite that, just believing I can control it, believing I can change, and working towards it, has brought me much closer to a clean bill of mental health than just waiting for it to stop ever could.  Acting, and changing your own actions individually can help the bigger picture more than hoping someone else will do it for you.

So it may not come to you as a surprise, but people do not like bad drivers. I personally suffer from untold amounts of fury any time I am required to be behind the wheel of my own vehicle. People have gotten to be so inconsiderate and self involved in their lives, that they forget that the world does not in fact revolve around them. Unfortunately, this type of thing can happen to anyone, even you, if you aren't careful enough. It strings from a cynicism that builds up after dealing with actual people that think of nothing but themselves. After dealing with that long enough, you start expecting it from anyone and everyone around you. The problem is, that kind of attitude spreads, and instead of being part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Clearly, this attitude is one of the biggest contributing factors to bad drivers. Adding to that, the "anonymity" people think they have on the road, then of course the troll effect takes place. What you will find here in this article is a list of incorrect and/or illegal behaviors on the road, that you should openly avoid doing.

1. Not using turn indicators properly


It has reached a point that “not using turn signals” has become a running joke.  I have even seen a joke running around in the shape of a “Did you know?” fact, which explains the secret hidden indicator lever.  However, it seems that people have lost touch with how important those indicators are to safe driving.  Not everyone turns the same way, nor do we all do it at the same speeds.  Some people turn as quickly as can be done safely, while others slow down much more.  Either way, drivers around you have very little evidence of your intent to turn without the indicator.  Indicators give others around you time to accommodate your impending orientation change.

Lane changes are just as important, even if there are few people on the road.  If someone is making an attempt to pass, and you change lanes without signaling, the likelihood of collision greatly increases.  There are the over reactors out there that will slam on their brakes, regardless of speed, and lose control of their vehicle because you did something unexpected.

Many drivers also, when making a right hand turn, have a driver across from them waiting at a yield to turn arrow.  They see you with no signal. You must be going straight right? Oh, you weren’t, and now they are trapped in the intersection, with oncoming traffic headed their way. Once again, collision odds increase.

Don’t lie and say it is difficult to reach. You can move one finger to activate the indicator. Your hands don’t even leave the wheel.  If the indicators are broken, get them fixed.  Don’t pose a danger on the roads because you refuse to repair them.  But… but… what about how much the work will cost?  I have a surprise for you. Remember the book you read, and the class and test you took?  They taught the use of hand signals for when your electronic indicators are not functional.  It is the law to use them if any of your signals are not working.  That goes for individual bulbs, or the whole system.  There is absolutely no excuse for not using your indicators, because you always have an option available.

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